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Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Mohammad is a young Entrepreneur running a number of sites from his living room. He is a certified SEO Consultant, Computer Engineer, Professional Blogger & and addicted Web Developer. SEM is a network blog of “STC Network”.  STC Network is a renowned registered company founded by Mohammad in 2008 that offers Web Services and Online Business Solutions to clients around the globe.

Other Blogs:
My Blogger Tricks (MBT) is our parent blog where we share tutorials related to Google Blogger, WordPress, blogging, and Web designing at large.

Rich Income Ways (RIW) is our sister blog that offers a more entertaining touch to online earning strategies by discussing various success stories of entrepreneurs, celebs, and brands and yet offering several new techniques to housewives, teenagers, and retirees to make a living online.

What’s New About SEM?

Smart Earning Methods (SEM) is a sister blog of the STC network. Here we focus mainly on sharing legitimate ways to Make cash online by revealing secret earning methods. We share easy and applicable ways that housewives, students, and the unemployed can learn and apply to make money online right from their own comfortable living rooms. All tips shared here are a result of personal experience. Authors at SEM are young entrepreneurs that love to explore and share new ideas related to Online earning. We try our best to share stuff that may prove helpful to a wider audience. Topics covered here are mainly related to Affiliate Marketing, blogging, Social Media Marketing, and Freelancing.

Due to the recession and shortage of jobs everywhere, almost everyone is running out of adequate income to succeed in the struggle for survival. The rich in the community are creating and inventing new tools daily to enslave the general public but the internet has provided a much better option for people who want to get rid of a normal life. Earning Methods shared on this blog will help you multiply your current income, and build your own empire and your own unique identity globally. SEM is helping thousands of people daily and it can surely help you too to turn your skills into cash. All we need from you is patience, dedication, and a thirst to learn and apply.

People Behind This Blog

Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is the Founder of STC Network and chief editor of SmartEarningMethods. He is responsible for maintaining the technical side of SEM. He blogs frequently at MybloggerTricks and occasionally writes here too.

The real heroes who are responsible for serving you with fresh, quality, and unique ideas daily are Qasim Zaib, Nida Zaidi, Rohan Chaubey, and Yusra Adil. All credit for the wonderful articles goes to them. They are young undergraduate students who are self-dependent financially. They are working on a number of projects and are full-time authors of this blog. They share almost everything here that they come across. Their experience in the niche of Online Earning is of great value to all of us at large. We are thankful to all three of them for guiding us with their expert tutorials and guides.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or advertisement queries, feel free to shoot us an email anytime possible at Mohammad@smartearningmethods.com

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