Why is Aaron Hernandez the Most Followed Athlete?

Hernandez Police FootballFootball has always been one of the favorite games for most of the man out there. People spend hours and hours in playing and watching football and they seem to enjoy every bit of the game.

Football players have a huge fan following and there fans include both the males and females. Aaron Hernandez is also one of these. Aaron Hernandez is a famous football player for Patriots and one of the most followed athletes.  Recently, he has been in the limelight due to his controversial acts. To find out more about him, his game and his controversies, we are sharing the reasons of his huge followers across the globe. Is it his game or his controversies?

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Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez is a former American football player who was born on 6th November 1989. He has received All-American honors at the University of Florida after which he successfully established himself as a NFL tight end for the New England Patriots. He has been one of the youngest players to be a part of NFL in 2010. He got the largest signing bonus ever and the second-largest extension in the history. His promising career was touching skies which all of a sudden derailed because of his arrest and charge of murder.

Aaron Hernandez

His Career

Aaron Hernandez has been the youngest NFL player when the 2010 season began. With his great determination, he proved everyone that he can reach the top. He set his team rookie record with 45 catches and a marvelous victory against AFC Champion berth. In the next year, he teamed up with Rob Gronkowski and brought another victory home against New England. Later on, he became a bigger role and brilliant player for his team.

Aaron Hernandez Football

Why is Aaron Hernandez the Most Followed Athlete?

Aaron Hernandez has no doubt been a great player with so many honors and huge fan following. However, these days he has been in the news for some other reasons. He has been charged for a first-degree murder and five firearm violations.

On 17th June 2013, Odin Lloyd (semi-pro football player) was found dead in an industrial park which was just a mile away from Aaron’s residence. When investigated, all the evidences led the suspicion towards Aaron and he was arrested. Soon after the arrest, he was released but this incident brought him down as a player. After that, he was being charged for several other allegations and that put a huge question mark on him and his career.

Aaron Hernandez Murder Case

Quick Facts

NAME: Aaron Hernandez
OCCUPATION: Football Player
BIRTH DATE: 6th November 1989
AGE: 23
EDUCATION: University of Florida, Bristol Central High School
PLACE OF BIRTH: Bristol, Connecticut
NAME: Aaron Michael Hernandez
AKA: Aaron Hernandez

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