A Great Feature For Marketers, Facebook Interest List

Facebook Interest ListsSocial media is as important a tool in marketing as any. If you use it correctly, it can do wonders for he success of your blog / product / service. It’s all about communicating information to followers, and interacting with them on a whole new level. Not only that, it’s also about expanding the reaches of your business / blog to places you can’t even hope for. Facebook Interest Lists allow you to do just that!

What are Facebook Interest Lists?

Facebook interest lists are a bit like Facebook lists. In Facebook lists, you make groups and monitor people or pages through those groups. But in Interest lists, you can add people, pages, or subscriptions under one list, and monitor updates via those lists.

Not only is this a great way of organizing your news feed, it also give you the option to share your interests with other people. You can set your lists public or private. Only you can see he lists you designate as private, while public lists can be seen by anyone. People can then subscribe to your lists.

You may not have realized it yet, but this is another way for marketers to benefit from social media. And since most bloggers also market their blogs on social media, they will find this tool very useful. We’ll show you how.

Setting up Interest Lists

This is the easiest part. Just go to Facebook Interest Lists, There, you will see your current lists and you will also get to create new ones. Click on Create List. You will then be prompted to choose pages, people or subscriptions you want to add to your list.

Once you have chosen on all the people or pages you want, click Next. At this stage, you will have to name your lists and set privacy options; private, public, or friends. Public is accessible to everyone. Select an option based on your marketing strategy.

That will be all. Click on done when you are. Your list has now been created. You can see it here. You can edit or manage your lists by choosing the Manage List option at the top-right. You can add or remove subscriptions, rename lists etc.

Marketing through Interest Lists

This is simple really. You won’t have to do much. Just focus on increasing subscribers to your lists by following some guidelines I will talk about next. New updates will go on the timeline of the subscribers. Hence, the more the subscribers, the better it is for your blog! Read the following tips.

Some things to remember!

While choosing people, pages and subscriptions for your lists, keep in mind a particular niche. Random lists won’t do you much good. People are only looking for specialized niche-specific lists. If your list is not niche-specific, they won’t subscribe! Let’s say you want to include this blog’s fan page to a list.

Don’t choose too broad a niche for your lists. For example, if you wanted to add this blog’s fan page to your list, then don’t choose MBT, and vice versa. This is because both blogs fall under different categories. MBT can come in a list about “Blogging Tips” whereas SEM should come under “Making Money” or similar.

Choose a meaningful name for your list. Names like”My Favs” are no use, unless you are settings such lists private. Always choose a name that interests or appeals to other people.

Always include the top websites or blogs related to your list niche. This makes your lists sounder and more authentic.

Keep updating and managing your lists. Find more informative pages to add to your lists to make them more appealing to others.

Don’t add only the top blogs or websites related to your niche. Sorry to say,but there might already be a bunch of noobs out there who have already done so. What you need to do is create a cool list. Add a range of blogs from the top ones to the most informative, and most interesting to most creative etc.

Last, but not the least, promote your lists, just like your promote your fan page. Share links on Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. More promotion will bring in more targeted audience. And the more targeted audience you have, the better your chances of success will be!

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