A Closer Look at Rothschild Family

A Closer Look at Rothschild FamilyRothschild family, as we know is one of the richest families of the world. The family is known to be descending from a court-Jew of what is now called Free city of Frankfurt, named as Mayer Amschel Rothschild. He was one of the eight children of Amschel Moses Rothschild, a Jewish moneychanger and trader. Mayer Amschel is the real name behind the world wealth tycoons, the Rothschilds. He played smart to bequeath his money by putting foundation of a bank in 1760. This investment has paid the family off a dynamic fortune out of it and their wealth has been sustained within their hands till date.

Who are they?


who are they

As of the modern world history, Rothschild family is the largest group worldwide in every field of all traits. It is believed to have the largest private fortune during the 19th century as it was at its height at that time. Mayer Amschel left behind a renowned strong banking family through his five sons establishing their businesses in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna and Naples which are the major financial centres of Europe.

The international prominence of the family began in 1744 with the birth of Mayer Amschel in Frankfurt, Germany. With the establishment of a finance house, Mayer laid foundation of his business in five European financial centres by installing each of his five sons there to conduct business.

What are they known for?


The name of Rothschild Family has been reasonably associated with huge wealth and power. They are known to be the rulers of the world from behind the scene since no member of the family appears on world’s rich list or wealth charts. They have been granted the Great coat of arms by Emperor Francis 1 of Austria. The Rothschild coat of arm comprises of a fist with five arrows which symbolize the five dynasties conducted by five sons of Mayer Amschel. They rule the finance centers not only by states but worldwide. The family still strikes to have a prominent base in businesses like mining, winemaking, farming, finance, energy and charity.

The wealth

Wealth of whom ? the Rothschilds? Well, this is still a mystery to be solved. They are being called as ridiculously rich with a combined estimate of over trillion dollars. The analysts suggest that they don’t appear on rich lists of the world since ever because its immeasurable by organizations like forbes because of its such high magnitude. It has been divided into its descendants and inheritors.

The amazing facts

The amazing family unquestionably retains some amazing and less known facts and features which make it one big name of the world.

Keeping their fingers in all the pies, they have many divergent contributions like Nathan Mayer Rothschild won the Napoleonic War in 1815. He managed a big finance operation of $10 million to British allies which played an influential part in Napoleon’s defeat.

All five sons of Meyer Amschel made to be the hereditary noble members of Austrian aristocracy by Emperor Francis 1 in 1816. Five brothers Amschel Mayer, Salomon Mayer, Natahn Mayer, Calmann Mayer and Jakob Mayer were then granted the title of Freiherr by Francis 1 in 1822.

Nathan Mayer with his brothers made a legend in battle of Waterloo. They set up a communication network for couriers, shippers and agents. It is stated that Nathan smartly played his cards to raise the British economy in the aftermath of Battle of Waterloo.

Most significant of all, Suez Canal is one of their projects for trade between Asia and Europe. The Rothschild family mainly backed the government to take shares in this project.

This powerful family is also found to be the hand behind the independence of Brazil from Portugal in 1820 by paying compensation fee to the government.

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