50+ Business Ideas to Start In Less Than $5000 In 2016

50 businress ideas to start a business in 2016Many people in today’s world are thinking about Business Ideas to start their own business due to the immense comfort and convenience that having your own work brings. On an average rate, a lot of people consider two or three options to be their career during their working life and most of the time people who are currently working nine to five job think about their retirement and future options on regular basis. Starting your own business could be a very great opportunity for anyone who wishes to take risks in life and who now how to work really very hard.  50+ businesse ideas to start in less than five thousand dollars in 2016 are as followed!

Business Ideas in 2016

Bicycle repairing

Bicycle repairing business

Although this one is one of thoss business ideas that are quite seasonal but you can still rent a storage unit and offer people to have their cycles for tuning up and good repairing.


AccountantBusiness Ideas

For this career, god experience, training and licensing is required and the person must know how to work up balance sheets, financial reports and income statements of clients.

Business planning services

 Business planning services business

Anyone can offer business plans to respective clients and take planned fee from them for giving your add on services.

Boat cleaning

 Boat cleaning  business

Interested people can start their own boat cleaning services and have their own boat setting in the yard of their houses.

Cleaning services

Cleaning servicesbusiness

Cleaning business works well in restaurants and hospitals. Working clients who have no time for cleaning their houses are also good customers.

Chimney sweeping

Chimney sweeping business

You can become a chimney cleaning expert and start their inspecting services.


Consultant business

This business has very good expansion possibilities but the individual must have great skills in fields so they can market themselves as an advisor to the clients.

Computer repairing

8. Computer repairing

You can be an expert of computers and computer software so you can meet the demands of personal PC users or a reputable organization.

EBay assistant

EBay assistantbusiness

Selling your handmade stuff on eBay can be very profitable and successful.

Dog breeder

10. Dog breeder

Pets are much popular in many countries so you can help people look for the kind of dog breed they want. But you must establish yourself first as a breeder who acres for health of his pets.

Editorial services

 Editorial services

Copy-editing, proofreading, developmental editing and indexing are some of the services that you can give to customers as an editor.

Electronic repairing

. Electronic repairing

This business demands same expertise as demanded by PC repairers and therefore you must be prepared to deal with all sorts of electronic devices once you are in this business.

Expert witness services

13. Expert witness services

You can use your skills in legal cases and become an attorney to act as an expert business.

Event planning

Event planning

You can work with any good marketing manager and start planning events of your respective clients.

Flea market

Flea market idea

You can turn your passion into fashioning, second hand shopping and cooking and earn huge sum of profit by starting a flea market business.

Financial planners

 Financial plannersbusiness

As an individual you can start your financial planning business and help your clients achieve their business strategic goals and objectives.

Home energy auditor

17. Home energy auditor

Many home owners are seeking out for ways to save their money on utility bills. You can help these people by giving them plans and examinations to accomplish real house savings.

Golf coaching

18. Golf coaching

You can work in different golf courses as goal coaches and help players to become motivated and good in their game.

Household organizer

Household organizer

You can consult people on organizing their house work and make portfolio of varying organizational scenarios to help people keep their homes maintained.

Home inspection

Home inspection

Come in contact with different estate agents and recommend home inspection services to the clients regarding home assessment.

Interior decorator

 Interior decorator business

Many people look for good interior decorator to give new and unique style to their house. So if you have relevant skills in this field you can start your own home styling business.

Import and export specialist

 Import and export specialist

You can teach people what they would need to start their own import and export business but for this business, you must also have good experience and educational teachings yourself.

Marketing copy writer

 Marketing copy writer

You can convey your content and services to people through online media and printed materials.

Jewelry making

Jewelry making business ideas

Jewelry is passion for a lot of people therefore they can work with metal, gold and silver according to their needs and become a good jeweler in town.

Personal caretaker

People who can make thigs happen efficiently are best suitable for this type of business.

Notary public

Notary public business

Being a notary public would demand you to become a state officer who can authorize as well as witness the legalization of certain documents.

Property management

You can be the manager, seller and buyer of different properties and run your own business smoothly.

Personal trainer

Personal trainer business

You can campaign your personal training services in restaurants and supermarkets and get clients who wants to stay fit and healthy.

Solar energy consultant

Solar energy consultants are required to conduct home examinations give solar option reports to their clients.

Small engine repair

30. Small engine repair

Working part time at a repair shop can help you gain expertise in the filed after which you can start your own services and put up your own business.


Preserving real specimens and re-creation of artificial specimens are the real requirement of this business.

Tax preparer

32. Tax preparer

You must learn about tax preparation before starting this business and later help your clients to prepare their own dues and jeep an eye on tax breaking.

Selling used books

If you have books that are of no use to you, they can be sold to relevant clients through online websites or by opening up your own book shop.



Interested people in sewing are of better profit gaining chance with upholstering business.

Appliance repair

Every house has a number of different appliances in them. You can start your own repairing shop and help clients getting their electronics fixed and installed according to requests.

Wedding planner

Wedding planner

For this business, the person must stay updated with latest trends, designs and color combinations to give their clients the best wedding experience they desire.

Desktop publisher

It demands use of desktop publishing software to make magazines, newsletters, marketing materials and books.

Computer training


If you are a PC expert, you can train other people and help beginners learn how to use computers and internet.

Freelance graphic designing

As a graphic designer you can work online to create letters, sheets, advertisements materials and magazines.

Fence installations

Fence installations

Most fences do not last forever therefore people look for fence repairers who can fix the broken ones or install new ones if required.

Gift basket services

You can start your own gift basket business so people can order these items from you online.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti removal business

Start your own business of cleaning products that can remove all the arsenal products like markers, paint and chalking on the wall.

Herbal farms

Any person can sell their herbs or teach interested people to do gardening.



This business is very famous and very profitable. You must be a hair expert and must know how to good haircuts and hairstyles to your clients.

Massage therapist


Start up your own spa or massage center, hire expert massagers and make good business out of this field.



Offering people vegetable gardening preparation, tidying up yards/lawns, removal of leaves in fall and planting of annuals and perennials could be a very profitable business.

Music lessons

Music lessons

  People who are good at playing guitar, flute, piano and violin can start their open classes to earn good sum of money.


Wedding and outdoor photography is in trend these days and photographers earn good money by covering your life events.

Website developer

Website developer business

Many companies require website developers to create a blog or webpage of their products to attract niche audience towards their services.

Christmas tree selling


People who sell Christmas tree gets much profit during the holiday season but this business demands hard work and embedding of these plants and their caretaking before their dispatch.

Bed and breakfast

51. Bed and breakfast

If you live near tourist attractions, you can use it to create unique breakfasting experiences for your clients.

Pet sitting

52. Pet sitting

You can start pet sitting services like pet food stores, animal hospital or any other pet related business.

Day care centers

Day care centers business

If you love children, you can open up day care centers for working parents. You can also hire other people like you and make our business grow even larger.

Rug cleaning

Rug cleaning

The business owner must know how to deal with all kind of rug fabrics, carpets and wool products for cleaning purposes.

Moving services


Help people moving from one place to another by transferring their furniture and other items with your company services in affordable price rates.

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