5 Worst Things You Cannot Avoid in a Job

Worst Things You Cannot Avoid in a JobWe have been motivating all our readers to set their own businesses and turn themselves into entrepreneurs because being your own boss is far much better than having a tough working atmosphere around at office.  While about 80% of the total people working are earning their livings by doing a job, the remaining 20% of the people are those who are one of the richest beings on earth.  When we say that it is better to start your own business, the reason behind is not only the money factor, but there are things even bigger than money. If you are confused whether to continue your job at the cost of your business, then take a note of 5 worst things you cannot avoid in a job, have a quick look!

 1)     Saying Yes When it is actually a No!

Your boss wants you to be ready for every task, anytime and every time you see so if you are a choosy person and want to have a space for your own self, you have to drop the idea of having your air as you have to say yes to a work when you are least ready to do it.

 2)       Serving someone you don’t know!

 Apart from being an author and a freelancer, I am one of those unfortunate ones who are working really hard in their offices in order to serve someone they even do not know. What happens is that in big organizations, the employees hardly get a chance to meet the Managing director or the CEO quite often but it is actually a result of their hard work and talent that they are enjoying a huge wealth around. So if you are someone who looks forward to appreciation, it is a good question to ask to yourself.

 3)     Fixed hours of work

When you are offering your services to an organization, you are actually accepting to work on their terms and conditions in which the timings of the job is the foremost important term. No matter how difficult it is for you to make up to the timings prescribed, your job leaves you with no option but to do it.

4)     No Identity of your own!

It is somehow true that a big product is a result of many hands helping its creation at backend but in a regular job there are times when you start asking about your own identity. The identity which one dreams to have is only achievable in ones on business!

 5)     Earning is proportional to the Boss’s will

In your own business, the best part is that you can earn as per your services rendered. For instance, you can earn twice if you get a hold on two clients for your product but in a job, your incentives and your earnings totally depend on your boss’s mood. It is generally not likely to be the case in stable organizations where there is a proper human resource department functioning but when it comes to small newly started businesses where the only concern of the MD is to make money for himself, the employee benefit is the least concerned thing!

Let us now see how far do you agree with these 5 aspects that are experienced by people who are not so happily employed.


4 thoughts on “5 Worst Things You Cannot Avoid in a Job”

  1. Nice article Nida Zaidi, but if we see there are also great opportunities but in online blogging you don’t have many advantages, you can;t earn money every month for your own website (new website), you can lose your height in a moment.

    • Hi Mehwish,
      Blogging at least gives you a sense of ownership if not the immediate results pal. If we analyse other online methods, there is always a trade off situation where one finds himself all puzzled in between the deadlines and accountability. No matter which ever business you pick for yourself, a good homework and a strong base is essentially important and that surely needs time!

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