5 Worst Money Laundering Cases Ever Seen

5 Worst Money Laundering Cases Ever SeenMoney Laundering is not at all a new way of financial crime but its intensity has always varied in terms of the victim’s capacity and the talent of the plot’s master mind. If you have been looking for the most severe money laundering cases ever seen, 5 of the most popular are all here. Have a look!

1) Sani Abacha

Sani Abacha had a half decade reign from 1993-1998 however he managed to make fortune of his life in this 5 years span. He accumulated enough wealth one cannot even dream of. He managed to transfer national funds of Nigeria of up to $8 billion into foreign accounts. He was labeled as fourth most corrupt leader in recent history by transparency international. He is known of looting 10% of whole income of Nigeria too however $2 billion was able to be squeezed out of his pocket out of the total money he stole by all means.

2) Al Capone

Known as God father of money laundering and inventor of many ways to transfer money illegally. He was best known of America’s mobsters. He managed to launder money ranging around $1billion single handedly and was never going to stop for his mischievous deeds. He made use of laundry trade as his means of illegal activities and thus it’s a myth or reality that money laundering word might have its origin meeting down to this path.

3)Mayer Lansky

The polish born mobster was counterpart of al Capone and that’s not all after the imprisoned of his counter he realized the importance of money to be hidden in safe place of else face conviction. It is believed that he siphoned around $1 billion or more into Swiss banks and Hong Kong business from his casino empire which was making him millions every day.

4)Ferdinand Marcos

He was president of Philippines and ex lawyer however this is not the reason he is remembered in history but for his money laundering he did for billions of dollars. It estimated he laundered around more than $10 billion or more into US and Switzerland ban accounts before facing a massive operation against him named “operation big bird” specially excited against his tyranny and frauds to overthrow him from powers he abused from 1965-1986.

5)president Suharto

President of Indonesia and prince of world or money laundering. It won’t be wrong to say he accumulated wealth for him and his family by wrong means more than his life time expenditure. He was forced to resign in 1998 since his president ship which started from 1967. In time Asia magazine his net worth was declared around $15 billion. He died at the age of 86 luckily without facing the trial due to his advance age.

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