Top 5 Guidelines For Beginners To Start a Job as Freelancer

NEED A JOBAre you looking something bigger than blogging? Tired of writing something very similar? In that case, you have come to the right place. I assume that you guys must be familiar with the major difference between blogging and Freelancing, though both are related to writing!

Freelancing can provide you all what you ever dreamt of once you start getting jobs. After all, that is what you look for. Isn’t so? So through this post, you will now learn what elements, what spice you actually need to give a life to your Freelancing skills. My focus will be on some very natural and common facts that should be taken care of.

You should remember that if you want to be a successful employee, you really need to start thinking like your boss. Display your those qualities in your proposal that are required for the job you are applying for!

1. Be the way you are!

It’s a commonly seen fact that people usually hire those for job who show their real self and do not make out something they are not. You need to be honest and humble. Don’t forget any moment that it’s you who want a job and keep your tone polite. It’s highly suggested by different trainers and high officials that a bid proposal should be written in first person. This means that you should address the person you are referring to, directly like, (it will be a pleasure for me to work for you… etc.). Always give out a positive impression out of you.

Simply be the way you are!

2. Highlight your soft skills and time management qualities


Heard of personality building? You need it the most here in your life! First of all, if you feel that you lack in soft skills/ communication skills and in time management issues, you need to work on that dude. Keep this thing in mind that those who are paying you for your job, need their work to be done on time! Mention your time management achievement so that the job authors get some believe on your loyalty. Tell them that you will be flexible with their job posting timings.

Secondly, don’t forget the theme of your job. You have to be an effective writer!. Your posts should be delivered correctly, with right selection of words, which should be reached to the readers. This is something very important in order to bring traffic towards your posts!

This is what you will learn by developing good soft skills.

3. Be reasonable but not cheap

Beginners are sometimes too much desperate to get the job in the first place no matter how low they get paid for it. This attitude is good but not productive. Moreover, this can create a negative impact too. Freelancing is all about dealing with the real people and it’s not at all robotic, so by bidding low, you might place an impression that you are an incompetent person and pleading for job a little too much.


4. keep email’s subject attractive

Do you go through all your mails? Well, you see, the subject of your mail gives priority to it. People who do big business, they receive thousands of mails daily so there are possibilities that your mail get under them.

Keep subjects like:

Technology Writer, better than me, is hard to find. Guaranteed!

Getting the point? Your subject needs spice! Work on that.

5. One look killer portfolio

It’s all about you. Mention everything you think can be described as your capability as a writer. Reveal out your achievements, talk about those blogs where you ever appeared as a guest Author.

To give a positive impression, do mention about your writing experiences.

Attaching a sample article (the best one) strengthens your portfolio.

So here the post comes to an end. Freelancer success all depends upon the dealings with job Author. I really hope that it will help you out not only in freelancing business but also in other fields of life too.

All the Best.

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      • one more thing i would like my readers to keep in mind, whatever you read dude, try to implement in your fields of interest will some how help you up:) just like this post, its specific for freelancing but imagine of following this criteria in any nature of job you are applying for., you will certainly enjoy something positive out your way 🙂

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