6 Secret Habits of Wealthy Americans to stay Rich!

Habits of wealthy peopleRiches can contribute to a happy life by bringing in luxuries that make every day tasks more comfortable and enjoyable. On the outside, rich people seem to leisurely spend their lives by driving fancy cars or dining at fancy restaurants, which most people attribute to luck. But under the hood, it’s a lot more complicated. Being rich is about more than just luck. It is about hard work and a certain mindset. As Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Hence, being rich isn’t just about having lots and lots of money. It is about building wealth, maintaining it, and spending it wisely. Here are some common habits of rich people that enable them to stay rich.

Book smart vs street smart

I think being street smart is better than being book smart. Don’t get me wrong though. Being book smart is great! There are tonnes of successful book smart people out there. But being rich has more to with street smart than anything else. Book smart people will graduate with good grades and get good jobs. But street smart people will come up with new ideas, use their confidence to their advantage and become innovative. They will create good jobs. Look at the big names in the internet and computer industry. How many graduated with full grade point averages? And how many dropped out of college? See my point?

Rich people will realize and then utilize their street smarts. Barbara Corcoran, a TV star, an author and a real estate mogul says “Making money has little to do with logic. It has more to do with trusting your gut.” And that is actually what rich people do. They take initiatives, and trust their guts. hence, they become successful.

Exceed expectations

This is where the hard work part comes in. Although some rich people get lucky, most work hard or have worked hard at some point. And working hard here doesn’t mean baking bricks in scorching sunlight (that is another sort of hard work). It means exceeding expectations. Adding value to what already exists. Rich people are given a seed, and they grow a tree out of it. Give them a penny, and they’ll turn it into a dollar. See? Rich people have a knack for realizing something potential, and putting it to good use. They will add value to services, and that is basically how companies grow popular.

Being proactive

Now we come to the mindset part. Rich people are proactive. That is to say, they do not wait for opportunities to come to them. Rather, they go out looking for opportunities. And that is how they find them. It is extremely important for rich people to have a proactive mindset. They know that they are in command of their life, and can do as they please. And that is basically how these people rise during troubled times, such as a falling economy, when most other people are hesitant to act.

Be proactive

Enjoy Your Work and Money

Rich people like their work. For them, their work is their play, and their play is their work. You really have to enjoy what you do to be any good at it. Rich people enjoy their work. They also enjoy their money. Money hoarders might have a lot of wealth, but they aren’t rich. Rich people have an open mindset. They know they have the ability to earn more, so why keep it locked up in a vault? They are open to spend money, and live their lives luxuriously. It’s the hoarders who are afraid they might not get as much money again. And this very thought serves to strike them on their feet and make them stumble. Hence, it is usually them who lose their status and composure after losing their riches. Rich people do not worry about such things.

Taking risks

Taking risks is another common habit among rich people. They don’t hesitate to take initiatives. No matter how tall the odds are, they will always try try to climb over them towards the other side. Rich people don’t spend money. They invest it. Sometimes they get returns, sometimes they don’t. But the important thing is, they are willing to take risks, and they get rewarded in the end.

take the leap!

Belief in self

Every person fails at some point in his life. Rich people fail more often than other people. But while any common man would sit down quietly and brood over his failure, a rich person will stand up again and fight with increased vigour. That is because they believe in themselves and their abilities, no matter what others say about them. This is exactly what Stephen Covey talks about in his book “The Eighth Habit”. He talks about how some negative habits within people prevent them from taking an initiative, and also make them think too much about something and how others will react. That way, they can never be successful. Rich people don’t worry about others’ opinion. They just believe in themselves and go with their natural instincts

So tell us. Have you got what it takes to be rich? What in your opinion does it take to become rich? Leave your interesting responses in the comments section below. Cheers 🙂

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  1. I like where the post is going but I have to disagree with some of the topics. It would be a good post under a different title. For example, I don’t believe that the rich automatically are more street smart than a middle class person.

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