5 Reasons Why You Should Not Choose Online Earning As Your Career


We have been sharing thousands of incredible ways to make money online from your living room in comparitively no time but there is always the other end of the story. Learning a great deal from the blogging career, it is easy to suggest some helpful tips by sharing 5 reasons why online money making is not the right option for you.

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1) Payment  Method

Payment  Method

Payment method online is a bit risky business itself because it requires transfer of money online after the end product have been transferred and checked by the client. There have been cases when payment was differed by the client after the work was transferred to him leaving the employ in dismay.

2) Instability


There no surety of permanent income in this earning method. Mostly you work as free lancer and thus keeping you in an ambiguous situation already whether income will flow everyday or not. Even though your skills and thinking and specially your ability to complete task within given time is important and makes you one of the favorite however you are never sure that how long you will remain you boss favorite or someone else will not able to take your place by any means.

3) Scam


Nowadays since the inception of technology and mischief minds in business its never true how true is the business or company you are working for. There have been many cases in past where employs have been robbed instead of being given salary for their hard work. Sharing classified information at the time of interview or bio data of yours can put you in big danger in future as well however one can have some investigation done on the company before joining or becoming a part of some company.

4) Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

Online earning career can be not promising career as you think it is. Sometimes you might be earning less than what you expect not because the money comes less to you it’s because the profit share divided till money flows to you is pretty much divided into crumbs in the whole process. Online career as earning can leave you with a feeling of disappointment however there are ways where you can cut down the money tree and reach the top payer by yourself bypassing the profit cutting sharing methods.

5) Home Based Distractions

Home Based Distractions

There is a huge difference working in an office work environment or working at home. Office work keeps you contended when you face the same environment however working at home online can leave you with less furnished end product of yours and thus not soon enough someone else will do a better job and even might be doing it for less money in future time therefore consider this online career a constant risk of getting fired at any moment.