5 reasons Why You Should Not Choose Theme Forest

Make money with theme forestWeb developers, bloggers, IT operators and other online marketing experts must all be aware of theme forest, a service center powered by Envato, one of the largest names in online markets. If you are a developer then you can easily make a judgment of what’s sane and what’s insane with the theme forest. Although it provides one of the best online markets for IT professionals and amateurs with various Word Press themes but there are some flaws and errors too.

According to a report, Alex King suggested that it was insane to sell Word Press products at Envato marketplaces’. The criteria for theme forest being insane for selling or buying digital products can be a broad one and somehow depends upon the individual experiences of the developers. But a general overview of the faults and blemishes apparently reported by developers include the following reasons that stop the new investors or sellers to use theme forest.

1. Storage issue due to PSD

When you always have to look into saving storage to make a program run easily and without any disturbance, at the same time theme forest provides PSDs saved or built into the theme that is one idiotic way to lose some MBs of storage. So a developer eager to save storage may find it insane and the process of making other folders which are not even included in theme make it damned.

2. Issues with CSS

All what a developer or a web designer wants is to load a CSS and start working with it fluently. But if you have selected theme forest to make your development, you are most probably not in peace. First of all, it takes a great time to load CSS without using important statements many times in a program. If you have knowledge of PHP programming then you can get a way through it and you should be able to load your own styles.

The repetitive usage of important statement doesn’t look good apparently or technically. It has been described a bad practice by experts. Unfortunately! Theme forest uses this statement 94 times in a single CSS file making it another reason to avoid theme forest.

3. Payment options

The basic ways to get paid through theme forest include Moneybookers and PayPal in general. These are two ways also provided on the official website of theme forest’s terms and conditions. But if we go through the reports and reviews about payment processes via theme forest, there are a lot of complaints and misconceptions by users as well as buyers or sellers.

It has been reported that accounts are at a stake and might freeze any time for no reason. Also there is no recovery option and you have to face the problem with each transaction you make.

So easy moneymaking here becomes a huge pain for developers and customers.

4. No filter option:

One more important feature that a developer would look for while choosing a theme provider is that it provides an option for other users to modify or to change the output of your piece of art. This is one amazing feature of Word Press that is made possible with the help of filters. But the users of theme forest may not be aware of this facility because it lacks filters.

You cannot make your output dynamic if you are using a theme from theme forest market. This makes a considerable inconvenience and provides damage to the reputation of envato online market.

5. Addition of undefined or raster files

Theme forest is no good in providing icon fonts that seem to be a very substantial and significant feature of Word Press. This is such an uphill task to change the look of an icon that has been uploaded by you. You have to reload the icon after changing the size or color based on your requirement to do so. Because it forms raster files of every asset it creates, it becomes very difficult to deal with this problem until you have Photoshop that is pre assumed by theme forest to be available to everyone.

By adding icon fonts, you can easily change the color, size and format without including any extra program.