5 Amazing Reasons behind Tiffany’s Success

5 Amazing Reasons behind Tiffany's SuccessTiffany is a very famous and luxury brand across the globe with several outlets in all parts of the world. It has been successful in capturing a huge lot of women. The style, extravaganza and glamour of the brand have captivated ladies from all over the world. Be it a celebrity or a common women, both are equally in love with this magnificent luxury brand. The items and goods offered by it  are eye-catching and very appealing to all the customers. The reasons behind its success are very simple yet based on very smart decisions.

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About Tiffany

Tiffany & Company, more commonly known as Tiffany or Tiffany’s, is an American luxury brand which deals with multinational jewelry and silverware. It has its headquarters in New York City, United States. Tiffany is known as the arbiter of taste and style and is very famous for its diamond jewelry. Other than jewelry, it sells sterling silver, stationery, china, fragrances, leather goods, crystal and personal accessories. It has its own luxury stores for these items while they are also sold via direct-mail and corporate merchandising.

Tiffany Fragrance

Reasons behind the Brand’s Success

1) Tiffany’s visual identity is one of the main reasons behind the brand’s success. Binding he brand with one color is what made it well known and famous among all the luxurious people. The Tiffany blue, discovered in 1837, is still a trademark for the brand.

2) Luxury is the key element for Tiffany as a brand and it has maintained that luxury class since its birth. It has the top notch jewelry and accessory designers in the world.

3) Innovation and change keeps the brand in the eyes of people and Tiffany knows exactly what to do and when to do to attract its clients. Tiffany is the brand which introduced fixed price shopping and brand catalogues.

4) Like all the other rich brands, Tiffany also has a rich mythology. It is a sum of all the well designed parts joined together.

5) It owns the world’s largest diamonds and makes the people believe they have the same thing as any other celebrity.

Innovation by Tiffany

Celebrities who Wear Tiffany

Tiffany being a luxury brand is the most favorite brand for most of the celebrities. Apart from the common man, these celebrities are the major contributors behind the brand’s success. A celebrity’s name when joined with a brand, cause a boom for both the celebrity and the brand.

The celebrities who wear Tiffany as their major brand are: Maria Sharapova, Kate Hudson, Michelle Williams, Doutzen Kroes, Hilary Rhoda and several other celebrities as well.

Tiffany Jewelry

Interesting Facts

WEBSITE: www.tiffany.com
BRAND FACT 1: Tiffany’s first day receipt was only US $4.98
BRAND FACT 2: Tiffany’s major sales depend on its jewelry.
BRAND FACT 3: Tiffany has 91 stores in America, 102 in Asia and 21 in Europe.
BRAND FACT 4: New York flagship store represents only 10 percent of its sales.

Tiffany is no doubt, one of the best luxury brands so far and its success keeps on touching the skies. All for now!

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