5 Qualities You Should Not Have as an Entrepreneur in 2014

Qualities You Should Not Have as an EntrepreneurThanks to the overall change in the ideology of the business world, people are turning into entrepreneurs by establishing their businesses and quitting the jobs. Money, for sure, is the standalone factor that often inspires people to change their fields and find a businessman in them. Entrepreneurship, however, demands much more than one can actually imagine in terms of time, efforts and patience. Here are 5 of those qualities that you should not have as an entrepreneur. Have a look!

1)      Being Lazy

 A business that has to be run by you obviously depends on you completely. While working for a company or an organization, you often get a chance to neglect your duties and enjoy some leverage like having holidays, weekends but when it comes to the business that is solely run by you, you actually do not have much time to enjoy your sleeps. It is important to remember that nothing comes for free, and a profit from a newly started business, is out of question if you are a lazy entrepreneur who loves to rest.

2)      A bad time manager

A right move taken after the right time is gone is pretty useless in a business. If you cannot manage your time properly, a business to manage is out of question. As a businessman, you need to understand the significance of time as once it is gone, it is gone forever.

3)      Being Lenient

Being nicer to your subordinates is an attribute of a good businessman but being way too lenient towards your team is certainly not a professional way to deal with the stakeholders of your business. As a businessman and an owner of your company, you need to keep this point very clear in your mind that you need to maintain a complete decorum of your office environment because failing in doing so can shake your image and importance in your own empire.

4)      Inflexible Personality

Though it is equally important to have a control of your people so that they do not start taking you for granted but you also need to remember that being a dictator in your company will bring you profit but won’t help much in earning respect and the loyalty from your employees. As an entrepreneur, you need to show some flexibility in your personality because it is actually a demand of your business as you are required to interact with clients who might have different ideologies and attitudes.

5)      A criticizer

Criticism is always affective if it’s constructive enough to help correct the mistakes and let one move towards improvement but an employee would hardly work with an entrepreneur or probably even a client would hardly decide to do business with a person who arrogant and have a criticizing element in his personality. As an entrepreneur, you should try to motivate your team and win their trust by appreciating their work if it is worthy of praise.

 Leaving a job and starting a business takes nothing but courage but managing it and twisting your life accordingly is what makes a business either a success or a failure.


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