5 Most profitable Self–Businesses In Sharjah

Sharjah. Place to start your business

What an intelligent mind with a handful of resources would prefer to do for his source of income? The variation in answer to this question is quite possible since it completely depends on interest and condition of the doer. But with an increasing trend of starting up small businesses has turned the minds of investors to invest their money and take as much profit as possible out of it. This trend of doing business is not confined to any particular part of world but it is common everywhere. UAE being a hub of the leading and latest trends of the world also gets influenced with this and investors from all around the world come to UAE to get settled and do business.

Being third largest emirate of UAE, Sharjah is a phenomenal land of opportunity. It provides many options to startup small or big self businesses in almost every possible trade. These opportunities are frequently availed by settlers as well as foreigners who make Sharjah their destination to invest money. According to economic statistics, Sharjah stands at a stable position and people are satisfied to invest here without any fear of losing their money.

Our list comprises of five most profitable self businesses to do in Sharjah and make handsome profit out of it.

1. Restaurant / Catering

1.restaurant and catering

In UAE, people are fond of eating out. A celebration is incomplete without dining out and having food of the world. Investing in any business related to food has almost zero chance of failure. Putting some efforts in the décor, furniture, decoration and services to make the restaurant appealing is the key to run your business successfully. In Sharjah, there are a number of self caterers who stated off with a very small business and now it has become their greatest of assets.

2. Real Estate

2.real estate

Real estate has been a successful and guaranteed business in UAE for decades. Particularly in Sharjah, it has caught roots and offers many big and small self businesses in this perspective. Big investors do not make regular dealings themselves like attending calls against their advertisements, providing information to people interested etc. for this purpose, they heir people for intermediate connections. Sometimes the buyers need to meet sellers when a third party is involved. So there are many profitable chances to explore in Sharjah in the field of real estate. Buying properties, constructing buildings or supermarkets on them or just selling them with a profit is a chief self-business in Sharjah.

3. Automobiles


This category is again not confined to self business only but big investors and huge companies conduct automobile business to earn their fortunes. But buying and selling involves no big names. It can be done on personal level. In Sharjah, people earn a lot out of automobile business since there is no tax on vehicle import. You can own more than one vehicle and use them for business deals that may include selling or rent a car.

4. Saloons and parlors

4.saloons and parlors

Tourists as well as local residents enjoy to have a personal care center like saloon, massage center, spa and beauty parlors for women within their reach. So it has become a most profitable business to start in Sharjah. There is a need to invest in the beginning and once the name of the center is out, thousands of regular customers visit and spend good money that results in a handsome profit out of it.

5. Designing and clothing

5.designing and clothing

Changing trends and fashion is one of the needs of today. People prefer to walk in parallel with latest fashion in their clothing and wearing. This is one of the chief reasons that designing clothes and apparels and doing this business is too mainstream in Sharjah. Settlers have high standard of living and follow luxurious lifestyles. They spend a good part of their earning on clothing with style and trend. This is how the industry works and earns its large stake out of it.