5 Most Genuine Reasons that stops Your Blog to Make Money

LEARN WHY NO MONEYThe smartest method to make money is undoubtedly a successful Blogging. I repeat, a Successful Blogging. I have been mentioning in my earlier posts about it, that a blogger is not only an Article Writer, but a creative Artist. Making a blog is the simplest thing to do, I believe. There are many platforms that have given a boost to the blogging world, like blogspot.com, etc., where you can simply sign up in two three steps and create a blog. Your own blog! But then, what next? Is that’s what you dreamt about? No!

To make a good deal of money, all you need is to have a smooth and consistent stream of visitors, because that is what brings luck to you. If you know about how to earn via blogs, then you also must learn what stops your blog to earn MORE!visitors

1. A little too wide-ranged Blog!

To make it clearer, consider your own example, your mum asks you to get some meat from the market. Now you go to a super market where you find almost everything, glossary, make up kits, gadgets, and stale meat as well. Wasn’t it a better option to get fresh meat from a meat shop? This is the point where I wanted you to bring. Notice that most of the successful blogs target a particular topic. Blogs that are too general finds it difficult to attract the readers. too-many-options-This is because, when you have to find something on internet, you simply have to find that only. Such blogs that starts to built their new career on a vast ground, have to compete with much bigger blogs of same but specific topic. You need to ask yourself that why a reader will come to your blog with so much of unwanted content when he is straight away getting all what he want from somewhere else. Mind it friends, life is becoming to the point!

2. Confusing Navigation- a mystery!

A good and well maintained navigation of your website lowers your bounce-rate, encouraging people to browse your site more easily, Instead of leaving. People have no time to float on your website meaninglessly. There are blogs, I have visited,having lots of contents, few of them really too good, but the ratings are still too low. This is Because of their confusing Navigations.

Sometimes, the menus are so unclear, like showing the post regarding how to write well, in social media’s Facebook video calling category. Just imagine that! Such things will not only  discourage the new readers to follow you, but you will also lose your existing readers obviously.

3. Distracting Layout!

A Successful Blogger does the business with brain, keeping the demand of people from his blog in heart. However, most of the bloggers work to earn. You need to remember this at every stage that your reader, is visiting your blog to Read, not to see your Flashing advertisements or animations that pop ups while they are reading your content. Unprofessional Bloggers do not treat their and the reader’s aim as different identities, and suffer. You need to work on increasing the attention span of your reader on your blog and should avoid making him annoying with your profit making strategies. Over complicated menu systems and 3 column themes make it suffer the most. also choose a sensible background. Funky Backgrounds lowers your rating. avoid Backgrounds like the following:hell layouts

4. Content based on partiality

Once you decide to become a blogger, start thinking broad. The blogs that contains subject matters with strong emotional connections suffer the most. Many bloggers fail in differentiating in between a blog and a debate forum. Biased and unbalanced content, favoring only one aspect of something, offend the followers, supporting the other way round. For example, a parenting blog should avoid contents like blaming working women for their children’s sufferings, commenting on an actor’s personal life in a way that his Fans begin to hate you – and- your blog! This definitely takes your blog ratings down, and no one suffer, but you!

5. Ad’s prior to Contents!

balanceIf you were to visit someone, would his clean, tidy and sophisticated living room strike you or a messy, disordered one? We know the answer! Blogs filled with Ads, here and there, over shadows the precious content that is the Centre of attention of the reader. From a blogger’s perspective, it’s about money coming mainly from these Ads’, on the other hand; reader needs quality content without any hassle. A successful blogger should keep a balance between his and his reader’s demand. Maintaining the blog and advertisements wisely is an art and you must work on that.

That brings us to the end of this topic; try to avoid these basic mistakes that mostly all of us don’t care about. Don’t let go your efforts and your aims.

I will soon share how to double your income with efficient Blogging.

Best Wishes,

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