5 Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Blog’s Reputation

Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Blog’s ReputationRunning a blog and earning your livings from your own created empire is certainly an interesting way to enjoy life all the way from your living room but like any other business, even this one is a sensitive trade as a single move can destroy your business in no time. It is to be remembered that in order to sustain this form of online business, you are required to play a real safe game by ensuring that you try to avoid the following 6mistakes that can destroyed your blog’s reputation


1) Inconsistency in posting

Though run from home, blogging business is a full-time job as you really need to manage your days and make sure that your blog never goes neglected. If you are posting two articles a day, let’s say, you should keep it in mind that your readers are expecting the same number every day. It has been seen that the traffic of those blogs decrease noticeably that are quite infrequent in posting.

2) Off Topic Posts

Choosing a niche for your blog is the most important step in the blog business. It is here that you should decide that what are your strong areas that you can use to make money by writing on it. Once done with that phase, Google expects you to stick to your decision and seriously penalizes such blogs that often post off topic articles that hardly match their domain in anyway.

3) Being Casual

You are obviously going to pay a good deal for your casual attitude especially when you are into a professional online business. Being casual, actually means here that as a blogger, you need to understand that you are responsible of facilitating your audience by providing them accurate statistics and news updates. Failure in this gives an illusion to the users that your blog do not deserve to be respected anymore. You are smart enough to predict the outcomes!

4) Short Stories

Recently, SEO experts have been experiencing the adverse affects of Google Panda and Penguin and now know that if it is a serious business, it requires much of the efforts too. Writing less can be a need of an article but making it as a trend and expecting to earn a million dollars online is obviously a chapter of fiction.

5) Plagiarism

You cannot be the first one to break big news initially, Google respects that. However, you are always required to reproduce the same news in your own way by adding more into that after a thorough research. Copying and pasting can give your blog a healthy look but your bank accounts die out of hunger in the longer run.

So these were the 5 mistakes that can destroy a blog’s reputation, completely. Try avoiding them and  stick to the lessons we have been giving to make money online via blogging.


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