5 Effective ways to Make Money in China Online!

make money china onlineChina can be a difficult place for you if you are planning to become an entrepreneur and have intentions of making money online. Because of the fact that the country enjoys its own customs, traditions and language, the world outside seems to be a saturated market for those who wish to avail the available resources online. Although the country is doing great itself in every field of development and having reasonable jobs available for people, there is still a long way to the time when people would enjoy making money online from their living rooms. However, we have readers who are from China and have been contributing the best of their knowledge with us, and having their examples in mind, here are a few tips that can help the Chinese brothers to start earning their livings by initiating the following jobs online.

1) Start a Chinese Blog!

If you think that your command over English is not something that you can use as a tool, be honest to yourself and do not lend up with it. Own the fact that you are a Chinese and know your language, simple! Start your blog in your local language, but again, you need to know more about the criteria to choose before you think of a blog. Try picking the trendy domains of your country and things that your people want to know more about. As it is, your blog would only be targeting the Chin citizens or the people who understand Chinese only, so you should take extra precautions.

best blog of china

Thanks to Google services, there are chances that people owning different languages can also read your content with the “Translate page” service that appears automatically on sites that are in other languages.

chines blogs

Brother Qasim once posted a great article covering the richest bloggers of China and their earnings and here is a snapshot of the richest Chinese blogs.

2) Target Chinese Clients

freelancing in china

Just like any other citizen of any other country, even you can avail the opportunity of becoming a freelancer by registering yourself on freelancing sites like Freelancers, oDesk, Elance, Fiverr, etc. These sites support different languages and once you are done with your language selection, you are more likely to have local clients and offers available only few clicks away. The options are again limited due to the linguistic barriers.

3) Translate pages

become a translator

Learning languages seem difficult though it can be really interesting once you jump in to the process. Try learning some language, English been the highest priority, and register for sites that pay you pretty well for translating pages/websites/ articles/ assignments/ebooks and what not. Play with your language. Make it your power.

4) Craigslist

craigslist for china

A classified job site, best for every country is what you know as craigslist. Whether you are in France or in China, the options are broad for you if you plan to use this platform. Select your fields of interest and get notified with jobs that suits your requirements the most. There are people in China who are making considerable money by utilizing the source.

5) Become a Photographer!

There are people who even do not have much interest in languages, whether it be an international one or their local language. Fair enough, think about becoming a photographer. Writing needs words, but pictures speak for themselves. Moreover, China is a beautiful place-Indeed beautiful. Use your camera or even buy one if you doesn’t have it and take beautiful, meaningful clicks and upload them on sites. You have two options here. Either learn editing and photoshoping and upload your work on social forums, attracting possible real world clients for a task or to cover an occasion.

china photographers

What else you can do is to register on sites that pay you for the photographs you offer them to purchase. People are making fair money with such sites too.

Note: Read more about such sites here

Online medium has turned the world into something that was once not even imagined. You can always use the online earning methods to get something for yourself by turning your talent into liquid cash. This post goes out to all the Chinese brothers and sisters who are looking for help and wish to become an entrepreneur.

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