5 Countries You Should Apply Immigration For


Be it better standard of living or quality of life or money everyone deserves a better chance to make fortune for themselves. In today’s world moving from one country to another in search of job, money or be it security even is a major concern and reason for all and there are friendly countries even today who offers shelters to such immigrants with the particular desire to become part of their homeland.

1) United States of America


45.8 million immigrants

United States of America also known as land of opportunities mostly never failed anyone with big dreams and ambitious nature and utmost believe on their luck and system of the country. People from whole globe whenever sees the opportunity to become a part of this country never let it go wasted. Reasons for choosing this country is diversity of its culture and ability to accommodate the wishes of every person round the globe. Few years back the country went into global business recession however their rainy days are over and they are back on success rack like never before.

2) Russia


11.1 million immigrants

Russia a country which never gives up in any aspect. Even after stuck in wars for years and having expensive and even fail expeditions of space this country have proved to be a safe haven for immigrants. It’s one of the major economy in world however was not sufficient in its on population in 90s due to which the country became welcoming in nature to immigrants and haven’t changed so far yet even in today’s date.

3) Germany


9.8 million immigrants

The most popular country of Europe and one of the advanced nations too. Recently they won football cup and destroyed Brazil legacy by all means. It’s the fourth largest economy in the world and growing every second as we talk about it with healthy GDP and friendly environment and laws towards immigrants one can only wish to be in this country. It has attractive destinations and distinctive culture of its own thus luring many visitors all around the world.

4) Saudi Arabia

Saudia arabia

9.1 million immigrants

Custodian of two holy mosques Saudi Arabia possesses the status of holy country in eyes of Muslims therefore a heavy influx of Muslim is seen in this country. However it’s also an oil rich state and key marker of construction business thus enjoying the status of engineering hub all around the world. Immigrants now faces a bit difficulty in coming to this country however still it provide to be a better source of earning compared to other. The number of international residents has risen sharply in recent years – between 2010 and 2013 it increased by 24.3%.

5) United Arab Emirates


7.8 million immigrants

Emirates consist of seven states and all the reason a human can provide to move in this country is valid for better reasons. Economy, lifestyle and standards of UAE are unbeatable and the night life of Dubai can be compared to any big city of the world.