5 Big Local Stores That Sell Online in Pakistan

Local Jewellers in PAKISTANWhether it is about online job market or shopping items of your choice, you have got a lot of options for fulfilling your desire. World’s online market has become a place where it is like your needs have become the first priority of sellers, you just have to name it and you have it. Just like many other markets of Pakistan, the business of jewellery has also been the center of attention since many years. there are a great number of jewellers crafting the finest and elegant jewellery based on the trend and culture of Pakistan. The online exposure of these items is yet another coolest thing that you can have while shopping jewellery in Pakistan.

There is a list of best jewellers from Pakistan creating the best out of their talent and material.

1.    Damas Jewellery

Whenever you come across a situation to shop the finest Gold, Silver and Diamond Jewellery, the first brand that would hit your mind is none other than Damas. It is said to be the pioneer of crafting high quality jewellery with expertise in almost all the areas like necklaces, bracelets, rings, bangles and other accessories. It was established in 1907 ans now it has become one of the leading brands in the field of making jewelleries. There is a huge online market for shopping Damas Jewellery from your home. Just have a look and you will surely be a regular customer of Damas.

2.    Waseem Jewellers

4. waseem jewellers

The premium jewellery brand of Pakistan, Waseem jewellers has made its place to be in the list with some outstanding piece of work and amazing consumers’ feedback for their jewellery. It is hard to believe that the owner of Waseem Jewellers have been in the business before with their former name as Afzal jewellers and started the business at the age of 15 in 1952. It is now that they have become the crafting experts with their best crafting skills in order to follow the latest trend of jewellery and other accessories.

3.    ARY Jewelers

5.ARY Jewelers

Another tycoon in crafting jewels with elegance and consuming the purest material, ARY jewellers is the next place on our list. It claims to be Pakistan’s largest jewellery showroom with a gold variety of 18, 21 and 22 karat. You can find its stores in Lahore and Karachi with different deals and versions. There is also an availability to shop its items online. There are different online markets like Kaymu.pk and daraz.pk offering jewellery from this shop and providing all the latest variety of items under the name of ARY jewellers.

4.    Lakhani Jewellers

6. lakhani jewellers

Lakhani Jewellers, owned by one of the richest person of Pakistan, has been creating mesmerizing jewels for its consumers. Based on the true culture of Pakistan, Lakhanis have always given priority to the quality of the material used for crafting finest jewellery. There are web markets like Karobaar.com with best updated collection of Lakhani Jewellery.

5.    Motiwala Jewellers

7. motiwala jewellers

Last but not the least, A.K. Motiwala appears to be another name in creating best variety in jewellery. It belongs to one of the most influential and richest family of Pakistan that has been dealing with gold since ages. So they appear to be the best jewellers in quality and expertise in their area of work. The shop is located in Karachi but there is a away out for all those willing to shop straight from their homes. You can find all the latest collection on its website and also on markets like Kaymu and Daraz.

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