5 Big Celebrities Who Unfortunately Treat Their Fan Pages as a Market Store

Big Celebrities Who Unfortunately Treat Their Fan Pages as a Market StoreSocial media has become one of the most powerful tools in order to connect, share and promote throughout the world. The trend of brand endorsement in celebrities is not a new one but it has changed its marketing strategies with social media like Facebook, twitter and instagram becoming strong gradually. Celebrities use their pages as a market to promote and advertise their brands and show loyalty to the brand owners. Five big celebrities have been listed out below that fit in to the list.



The first celebrity on our list is one of the most familiar names in the music industry, Rihanna Fenty, officially known as Rihanna. She is a Barbadian singer, actress and songwriter. besides being a fame in the music industry, she is also a fashion designer. Coming up with sensational compositions like “we found love”, “diamonds” and “the monster”, Rihanna wins the hearts of her fans.

with 81.6 Million Facebook fans, 49.8 Million followers on twitter and 24 million Instagram followers, Rihanna keeps her loyalty up with her brands. She is a contributor to Stance socks, creative director at Puma, debuted a perfume Riri and has joined Dior in recent past.

  We can find Rihanna wearing Puma’s pull overs, Stance socks or posing for Riri perfume in her pictures and posts on her fan pages.

Beyonce  Knowles


The next “crazy in love” girl on the list is another bright star of the music industry. Beyonce Knowles is an American singer, actress and songwriter with some amazing compositions of her. She is famous for her depiction of women empowerment, monogamy and a modern day concept of feminism in her songs.

She has got 42.6M , 14.1M and 63.4M followers on instagram, twitter and facebook respectively. She is highly influenced by her collaborations with Topshop and Flash Tattoos. she appears on her fan pages in her sports look under the costume  of Adidas, Converse and Chelsea Paris. Her page is recently flooded with new amazing Flash Tattoos collection.

 Victor Cruz

victor cruz

The first athlete on our list “Victor Cruz” is an American football wide receiver for New York Giants of NFL. This famous celebrity is known for his game as well as him being a loyal ambassador to the brands he had endorsed. He is in collaboration with the big names like Givenchy, Nike,3X1, Finish Line. The star is equally renowned on social media with 493k insta followers, 480k twitter followers and 529k facebook fans.

The celebrity has been spotted promoting his brands on his pages by wearing nike shoes in his pictures and sharing advertisements of the brands. He is also the newest face of Givenchy’s men campaign.

Taylor Swift


One just cant forget Taylor Swift in our list of celebrities making the use of their fan pages as a market. Taylor Swift is a popular American singer, actress and songwriter of the present time. The new funky pop songs that make you feel dance today all belong to Taylor Swift. She has been winning the internet with 41.5M Instagram followers, 61.8M twitter followers and 72.1M facebook fans. She has been an ambassador of Keds and JD.com with knowing the art of promoting the brands and products. She has been recently spotted in a bikini in a post which turned the pages on Asos. She is also a victoria’s secret angel.

Hugh Jackman


The charming and the dashing “Hugh Jackman” is the next celebrity on the list. He is an Australian actor and producer. He keeps a class of his own in regard with his acting and movie making. he keeps showing his versatility by appearing in big movies like “wolverine”, “X men” and “prestige. He is also a real hero in the market that his brands run. Being amazingly popular on social media makes him promote the brands on his facebook, instagram and twitter pages with 21M, 3M and 5.8M followers respectively.

He has recently launched a sunscreen product “Pure sun defense” and promoted it on his page. He has also joined hands with micromax cellphones and making most of his fan pages for its promotion.

Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, the heartbeat of today’s football lovers, has been socially and professionally popular in his field. He is a Portuguese footballer and plays for Real Madrid and Portugal National team as forward and captain for Portugal. With 102 million facebook fans and 35 million twitter followers, he makes him to be the world’s most popular athlete. He has been sponsored by the big brands like TAGHeur, Nike and Herbalife. He makes the most of the traffic on his fan pages by posting the advertisements and pictures of the brands he is associated with. CR7 shirts is his own brand which is also seen on his pages being promoted and advertised

On that note, we would really want to know which celebrity are you following on your social network along with the product he is affiliated with!

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