5 Best Tips To Make Money With Q&A Websites

Questions and AnswersIntelligent people never leave their questions unanswered and people are getting clever day by day. Internet has so much to serve you that is beyond your imaginations, Isn’t it? You find all your solutions by simply googling them. All those terminologies that you never knew and wouldn’t have ever known, you get a hold of them within the fraction of second by the Question and Answer sites that are available in bulk on the internet. These sites act like a forum where either you get your answers automatically,( if your question is pre-fed in that database) or through the members of that sites (Paid Employees, hired for this purpose only).

did you ever think, why there are such sites available? Are the owners of such Q&A websites investing so much of wealth, time and efforts out of some good will? Or they are just helping humanity? Theplat Answer to these questions (which you wouldn’t have questioned yourself probably) is, internet is all about Business. Some receive and some pay! And if you start your set up with this, you will earn too soon.

The five tools you need to work on to hit a successful shot are as followed:

1. Search for an Uncommon Q&A nichedifferent and unique niche

Well written speeches only appeals when the there is something new within the topic. Similarly, if you plan to start a Q&A site, you need to choose some unsaturated niche. This is because , most general topics are already present on the highly rated forums, why would people and Google will take interest in a newly born set up of yours, having the same content as that of one of the best forums with top ratings.

Avoid choosing those niches that are already chosen by a successful Q&A website. Don’t forget you need to fight back the resistance that your competitors will show towards you. For example, choosing niche like clothes and make up, internet marketing, history etc aren’t a wise choice! There is already a lot of best material available on that!

2. A Platform you are compatible with!

platformSmartearningmethods is using a platform that is all what you need, a wordpress! This will allow you to use plug-ins and so much more. There are plenty of WordPress Q&A themes that you can check out at templatic.com’s answer theme and wp-answers.Untitled

But thanks to technology, you are not limited. There are several platforms you can start from initially and can get plenty of free as well as paid themes and templates.

You should keep your themes updated and should maintain them frequently.

3.Cash your Language!CASH YOUR LANGUAGE

Although English is all what is admired by throughout the world. Especially in my Country, Pakistan it has became a status symbol, but dear fellows, your native language can bring out hidden treasures for you here. Choosing a language of your own dilutes the market for your niche. For example, if I starts up my Q&A website in Urdu (my spoken/native language) about a very common niche, I may not attract the traffic that follows other languages, but, this will bring me all my potential members.

Try switching to the language you think, can bring you more money!

4. Attract Traffic, key to success!

Like all other websites, you need a good traffic which can be hard for you initially. You can attract your potential followers by using many methodologies like creating hype, advertising the reliability of your Q&A websites, etc. few of them are:

· By posting all questions on social media like Fb,

· Offering incentives, competitions and rewards

· Encouraging people ,

· Be wise and seek your competitors. Visit blogs with same niche and ask them to review yours. And join on liking.

· Ping your questions and make them search engine friendly

This is the area you need to concentrate the most after deciding a relevant a profitable niche for your website.

5. Monetize your Q&A website

The best way you can monetize your Q&A website is through AdSense, CPA and Infolinks. With Google Adsense you can place relevant Ads just below your questions. This will encourage people to click on the ads, bring lots of Money to your way.monetize

With CPA, you can place the Ads in a similar manner as that with Google Adsense. However this one is more profitable and you can get up to $50 for each sale you generate.

Infolinks offers in text advertising which will hyperlink your text n your website to advertisers. Now it depends on your wisdom how you phrase your question and answers and place hyperlinks of your advertisers the more the clicks, the more you are benefitted!

There are trillions of ways to make dollars online but most of the people are just running after blogging. Blogging is definitely an effective way but to make yourself recognized individually , you need to think out of the scope. Starting your set up with a Q&A website, following the above explained tactics will bring you fortune, much more than your dreams!

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All the best,

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  1. Thank for useful information.
    Just a quick question: what does “theplat” stand for in sentence “Theplat Answer to these questions…”

  2. Dear Nida Zaidi

    Thanks for our informative article. I am an electrical engineer with 27 yrs. experience & have
    (1) Good knowledge on engineering ( offcourse electrical engineering ) and Alternative Energy ( solar, wind, hybrid of two, etc. etc. ).
    (2) I have good general knowledge and consider myself reasonably good in problem solving, in various areas.

    Thus I would like to utilise my knowledge in these domains by answering questions and/or solving problems. I am looking for suitable websites. Could you enlighten me.

    Thanks and regards

    Ashok Toshniwal

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