5 Best FM Channels to Enjoy Driving in Pakistan

 Radioactive-FM-96-best-FM-channel-in-Pakistan.pngWith the increasing influence of music in our lifestyles, one always try to make a good use of his time and available resources to enjoy music and this becomes especially a bliss while you are driving your car. As per the latest poll conducted by a renowned magazine, about 60% of the population which drives car is fond of Pakistani FM Channels that are striving to keep their listeners entertained and attracted  24/7 a month. If you have lately bought a new FM device or have joined an office where you commute in your own car, here are 5 best FM Channels to Enjoy Driving in Pakistan.

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1. Radioactive FM96

Radioactive FM 96 best FM channel in Pakistan

Radioactive FM96 is being broadcasted from Karachi and is owned by Radioactive FM96 Ltd. It is run by young people and the shows which are aired are also youth oriented. The channel is not only tuned in at times of boredom, it is also being listened to in parties and different get-togethers. It totally reflects the image of the Pakistani youth. Popular shows of Radioactive FM96 include: Most request morning shows, Flava 96 FM, 96 miles per hour and many more.

2. FM 100

fm  best FM channel in Pakistan

FM 100 is among the pioneers of Radio in Pakistan and caters all age groups. Its listening area covers the entire country. FM 100 is known because of its slogan ‘Assalam o Alaikum Pakistan’ which refreshes each morning of the listener. It started broadcasting in 1995 and is the first radio channel of Pakistan that airs live entertainment shows. The regular programs of the channel include Juma, Khutba, National Unity, Talk shows, Youth shows and Kids time. It is also known as ‘heart beat of Pakistan’ and is the preferred choice among listeners. FM 100 has affected the radio listening habit of people and has changed the entertainment pattern.

3. FM 101

FM 101 best FM channel in Pakistan

In 1998, Radio Pakistan started the transmission of FM 101 from Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. Currently its network is spread over 10 countries and the transmissions are also available online. Earlier the channel did not attract much audience, but with the launch of FM 101 International its quality became better and attracted much listener ship.


HUM FM best FM channel in Pakistan

It is a private radio channel being aired from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. The channel was started in 2005 and covers five cities of Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Sukkur and Rawalpindi. HUM FM broadcasts hit songs of the Pakistani and Indian industry. It also airs live cricket exclusively for UAE and Pakistan and has covered World Cup 2007 and Champions Trophy for the cricket lovers in Pakistan.

5. City FM 89

City FM 89 best FM channel in Pakistan

City FM 89 was started in 2004 and is affiliated with Dawn media group. There are currently four broadcast stations for City FM 89: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Faislabad. It is known for setting the radio-listening trend in Pakistan. List of shows aired by City FM 89: The breakfast show, Strictly professional, Big city life, Coffee republic, Retro 89 and many more. It surpasses all the boundaries and is being listened at home, in cars and public outlets.

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