5 Amazing Facts about the Tickets of FIFA 2014

 Design-of-the-Tickets.jpgIt is always fun to explore more about the latest happenings that are responsible to unite the world and FIFA 2014 comes above all for now. If you had been wishing to grab a FIFA ticket for yourself, it is really important to first find the 5 amazing facts about the tickets of FIFA 2014. Other than their highly attractive design, the tickets hold high value to the football fans.

Below shared are the top 5 amazing facts about the Tickets of FIFA 2014. Have a look!

05. Tickets Are Going Really Fast

Tickets are going really fast Amazing Facts about the Tickets of FIFA

During the final phases of the purchase and sales of the tickets there were about 199,519 tickets were present out of which 126,893 were sold during the first few hours thus making the sales reach up to 2.6 million during the entire tournament. The remaining tickets are left unsold for the latter matches in the tournament. They can be bought online by credit card or debit cards etc.

04. Cost of the Ticket

Cost of the Ticket Amazing Facts about the Tickets of FIFA

With such high cost of a ticket in FIFA 2014, it has now become the world’s biggest sporting event. Tickets for the world cup final are even higher than the super bowl tickets and are accessible with an exchange of 600 USD which is double than the amount fans paid during the 2014 super bowl tournament. Prices of the tickets though vary with fans overseas or if they are the residents of Brazil, and also on the stage of the competition i.e. final or semifinal etc.

03. Design of the Tickets

Design of the Tickets Amazing Facts about the Tickets of FIFA

Ten key pieces of information are available on every ticket for the guidance of the spectators, t consist of match number which is highlighted on the left hand corner according to the game schedules. Match details are present near the match number and also the names of the teams are provided on the ticket for group names only while the tickets for the knockout matches have variety of letters and numbers to identify the teams which are playing the game.

02. Worth of the Ticket

Worth of ticket Amazing Facts about the Tickets of FIFA

The only official place to buy the tickets is FIFA and is also available on many online websites as well but the prices are very insane and one must do their research before buying tickets from them and spending such a huge amount of money.

01. Importance

Importance Amazing Facts about the Tickets of FIFA

Each of the teams that have qualified for the FIFA matches are entitled to the allocation of 12 percent of the tickets for each of their prospective groups. Such tickets are useful reference guide as well for your experience in the stadium. Major information is provided on the back and includes the list of items that can be taken along in the stadium.


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