4 Pakistani Singers who Left Music for Islam!

Pakistani Singers who Left Music For Islam!Every religion owns its own set of rules and preaching. Being the third largest religion of the world, Islam refrain its followers from exposing their body, singing, playing instruments and things very much we see on television. However, with the change seen in the living standards and in society, what was considered shame in the religion is now overlooked in the name of freedom and modernization. The process is never-ending and Scholars of Islam consider this trend as a threat to the Islamic Beliefs.

Human life is prone to change and when the change is for the love of Divine, one can hardly think of anything else. Pakistani media industry has a long list of famous celebrities who were known as an Ace in their entertainment field but quit their career and business when tried to take refuge in the religion.

1)      Junaid Jamshed

The brand owner Junaid Jamshed

From looks to education, Junaid had all to enjoy a good fan following. He launched himself as the lead vocalist in his band ‘Vital Signs’ back in late 1980’s and since then, he has been loved and adored by his fans for his exceptional vocals and cute looks. Junaid was on the verge of his career when he found himself getting inclined towards religion that changes his life completely. He preferred to leave music and started to follow the religious obligations strictly. His sudden disappearance from the media was shock for many of his fans but they were all speechless when Junaid appeared on screen in new attire, declaring himself as a forgiveness seeker for his deeds.

He is still found on TV but nor for his singing anymore. He is often seen hosting religious shows in sacred month. Other than that, Junaid has established a successful clothing business and making good money with its brand.

2)      Najam Shiraz

Najam Shiraz left music for islam

People are often confusing and so are their practices. Najam Shiraz was one of the sound contestants in the race of pop music within Pakistan and his hits were ruling the chart busters in the early years of 2000.  He then married a non-Muslim who converted to Islam before their marriage. The life of this singer seemed to have change after this as he too declared himself out of the race in order to seek the right path. He started to appear on religious shows and recorded Religious poems where he praised the Creator of the World and His Last Prophet (p.b.u.h).

He, however, is back to music and the question behind this change is still unanswered.


3)      Ali Haider

Ali haider Religious

The era of 1990s’ had been the most blissful for the pop industry of Pakistan and Ali Haider has been a prominent contributor. His Purani Jean and Guitar is still enjoyed by the youth of today and his fans still say that his voice is unmatched. Other than singing, Ali Haider has appeared on screen as actor, though couldn’t impress the audience to that extent.


Ali proclaimed that he left music when his son was severely ill. Ali, for his Sect (Shiasm) recorded many versus in order to praise the Family of Last Prophet (p.b.u.h) and to remember the incident of Karbala. His cassettes and CDs however, couldn’t do a good business as whatever sales he could enjoy were all limited to the sacred month of Muharram in which the real incident of Karbala took place. He was bitterly failed in making a good reputation in the field and was found disappeared for some time.

Ali was then back to music with his new album and is still trying to sustain with his talent in the already over-populated music industry of Pakistan.


4)      Shiraz Uppal

Shiraz Uppal

Shiraz Uppal comes next on the list. He was one of the very few singers who recorded their voices in India and his first track ‘Roya Re’ got fame in the sub-continent like anything. Shiraz Uppal too announced that he is leaving the music industry for the sake of Islamic teachings but like Ali Haider and Najam, he too made a comeback with his new album. He has also recorded two hits for the Indian Movie (Raanjhana) which ruled the box office.

Shiraz Uppal islamic


Religion is for sure a personal affair of an individual. However when audience find their icons embracing change, it really wants to know all about it,

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