30 New Ways to Give a Boost to Freelance Career in 2014

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The struggle in freelancing is quite far from the competition of regular businesses. The word “freelancer” was first used to describe a “medieval mercenary warrior” to point out that that lancer does not work under any lord. An out-worker has to experience as much contenders as there are drops in the sea. We have been sharing much on Freelancing strategies with other readers and here are 30 ways you can stand out in the crowd as a freelancer in 2014.

1) Determine Your Strength:

Every person has some skills which help them throughout their professional life. In order to be successful in this field you have to know where your mind is set. If you enjoy your work the outcome will always be better as opposed to working just for a paycheck. In short, do the work which leave you feeling energized.

2) Cope up With Your weaknesses:

To become successful in your line of freelance business you cannot neglect or ignore your weaknesses. Pretending that your work is free of blunders is the worst thing. So to cope with your weaknesses you should not forget:

· To look at your work with a critical eye

· To recognize, admit and fight with your gaffes

· To stay attentive and avoid repeating past mistakes

3) Boost Self-Confidence:

Confidence is a key strength everyone must have to achieve success. Confidence enables a person to conquer anything in this world. Motivation and determination will help freelancers in moving forward and enhancing confidence. So self-possession can be increased by:

· Daily self assessment.

· Challenging yourself step by step.

· Getting out of your comfort zone.

4) Know Your Client’s Demands:

For freelancers, it is very important to be up to date with their customers demands. This can be done by knowing their target market and what they like and don’t like. Knowledge about red-hot topics of the relevant field plays a vital role in dealing with clients’ demands. This is because people want fresh ideas and love ground-breaking work. If you want to be unique and yearn to reach a milestone, then you have to keep following your customer’s demand without sacrificing work quality.

5) Keep track of Appreciations:

A word of appreciation is like gas to a car in this business. Since freelancers don’t have anyone who analyzes and evaluates their performance, this positive reception can be obtained through client feedback.Tracking of appreciation will enable you to find out the right position in freelance business.

6) Take Criticism Positively:

Criticism is another form of feedback which lets you know whether the work has been accepted or not. Never take criticism negatively because this will lead to great frustration and stress. Criticisms will help you analyze the likes and dislikes of your clients.

7) Keep Learning from Mistakes:

Mistakes is the point where everyone loses confidence and might lose spirit also. Coping smartly with mistakes will make you stronger. Mistakes should be treated as guide stones, telling you which way to go next time.

Mistakes are not a problem unless they are repeated. If you want to get noticed in freelancing, try and:

· Prepare for the worst but do your best.

· Not lose strength from blunders and keep the spirit high.

· Learn from mistakes and do not repeat.

8) Be Aware of New Trends:

Trends change in a blink of an eye. To stay in the race, you have to set your eyes on the trends so that you are up to date. You can’t possibly beat several hundred competitors without knowing what’s happening in the world.

9) Say “YES” to Challenges:

If you want to score a top position in the competition then embrace challenges with a happy face. This is because every time you want to provide the best for your client, you will come to realize that you are facing new challenges. Triumph can only be achieved by proving yourself in something that has not been attained by someone else before, or something you haven’t dared tried yet.

10) Never Forget Your Competitors:

This is the most important point of all for a winning toss. Always keep your eyes open and stay informed about your competitors because they are also in the same race. Without knowing the traits of your opponent you cannot overcome their position. This will also help you learn.

11) Create and Intro Video:

If you’re doing business mostly online, clients can have a hard time feeling connected to you. Adding an intro video to your site is a great way to let your personality shine!

Be honest—as perky, goofy or stoic as you are in real life—to help clients know who they’re working with and ensure you’re connecting with people who want to work with you. Keep it short, and point to your website or portfolio at the end for more information.

12) Twisted Email Marketing Principle:

How about email marketing?

Every freelance needs to build a mailing list of targeted clients. Keeping your credibility at a standard level is crucial for your business growth and expansion.

But email marketing doesn’t yield results when you approach it like affiliate marketers. 87% of affiliates have a huge list of subscribers but they’re still broke. Why? Sending out offers consistently won’t earn you any money.

On the other hand, when you build relationship with those people by knowing and solving at least “one problem,” you would’ve earned their trust, which can be turned into what you want (money).

13) Start a podcast or video series:

Do you already have a blog or website? Expand your appeal and reach a wider audience by dabbling in other media. Help people who don’t read your blog discover you through channels like iTunes and YouTube. Make the content valuable and interesting enough, and you don’t need to go hog wild with effects to get attention.

14) Build Your Business not Facebook’s

Social media networks have helped freelancers attract clients over the past few years. However, a lot of freelancers are literally wasting time on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Off course, incorporating any of these social media networks into your freelancing career could be a great decision, but what happens when you don’t know the pros and cons of using them?

The best approach is to learn how to properly market your freelancing skills on Facebook and its counterparts.

15) Eliminate the Dollar Sign on Your Mind:

Whether you’re writing for your blog, for clients or promoting your any other freelancing skills, eliminating your total focus on making quick money is important. There is so much desperation online as a result of unethical earning promises from dodgy internet marketers.

Making money is good, but definitely not at the detriment of your clients and readers.

Get rid of the dollar sign on your mind and focus on helping someone become better, smarter and wealthier. This will lead to greater success for you as well.

16) Start a Mastermind Group:

A mastermind group is a few like-minded entrepreneurs or freelancers who refuse to let you fail. Meet periodically with the group to swap ideas and offer support and resources where they’re needed.

They’re also your accountability partners. If you share dreams, goals and plans, those pending check-ins are a great incentive to follow through!

17) Get a Good Head Shot:

This is such a simple step that many freelancers neglect! Even if you don’t have a website (get a website!), clients will search and find you online.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money. Just make sure the photo you use on your social media profiles, LinkedIn and accompanying your portfolio is framed well (no cropping out group pics!), free of background clutter and shows your friendly, “work-with-me” face.

18) Narrow Your Audience to one:

Focus on one specific person to define your audience. Are you working with someone now, or can you think of someone, who is your ideal client?

Keep that person in mind and use her characteristics to create a business plan that meets her needs and a marketing strategy that commands her attention.

19) Networking: Meet People and Have Fun:

Forums and online groups are a great way to network online, but you may want to focus on active communities that house professionals and like-minded individuals. Leave the spammy ones and focus your efforts on groups that make a difference.

20) Update Your profiles:

Update your contractor profiles on oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, etc. Change or add information that you think is outdated, incorrect, or that would fit in nicely with your online presence.

21 )Run a Blog:

Think over the purpose of your blog. Is it a tool to establish your presence as a freelancer, or your personal outlet? Clarify its purpose and take steps to either integrate it to your freelance business or separate it entirely.

22 )Manage Your Time:

You have deadlines to meet for satisfying your clients. Manage your time properly and if any problem arise inform your client.

23) Perception is Reality, Package Yourself:

Do you know that whatever someone believes to be true is true to him/her? Yes, if you want to succeed long term in your freelance career, you’ve to “give” clients and prospects a voice in your writing. There should be a personality and attitude you present to potential clients that they can relate with. How you present yourself in your work and in person make up a large part of your brand package.

If you truly want to benefit from your clients, long term, and convert your them into customers, you need to give them what they want, before deciding on what you want (extra money).

24) Create Cornerstone for Brand Building:

Brand building is the secret ingredient to overcoming severe competition and earning a living online.

As a freelance writer, I think you should limit pitching your quality work and start building a lasting brand for your business. When I say cornerstone content, I’m talking about articles and blog posts that are detailed, informative, original and helpful.

25) Do not put Too Much Burden on Yourself:

Do not take too many tasks otherwise you will be in trouble when you will not be able to complete those tasks timely. You will spoil your reputation. Be Calm and Cool!

26) Research:

Always try to find out new ways to do your things. Read books, Search online and educate yourself.

27)Get Feedback periodically:

It is very important to know what your clients thinks about you. Get feedback for very job you do. In this way you will improve yourself and provide quality service.

28) Train Yourself:

In order to enhance your skills and meet new challenges, you can do online courses related to your domain. This will increase your capabilities.

29) Answer:

Be responsive to your clients and customers. Solve their problems and show them that they can trust you.

30) Build Strong Portfolio:

For building a strong portfolio:

· Present your best work

· Feature past clients work

· Showcase awards and recognitions

· Enhance your about page with elevator pitch

· Show your clients what they are looking for

All for now,

best wishes for an effective business.

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  1. That was a really nice post sister , I am a freelancer from Pakistan (And a future doctor in 3 years.)

    I am lacking on some aspects you mentioned but don’t get time from studies so I only work on elance.

    Earning some 400$ a month , How is it ?

    I am a website ads expert by the way , I improve people’s website earnings

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    • Hi Waqar,

      Good to hear from you. Well you see that when we mention a round figure in such of our articles, the estimate is calculated as an average of all those who are earning through freelancing. For you,I can suggest you to work with consistency and keep applying for all major proposals coming all your way on Elance.

      I would also suggest you not to stick to a particular site only for a good earning but to get yourself registered on other freelancing sites.

      Wish you a happy earning!

      • Nida sister I want to ask are you partner of Mohammad Mustafa? or employee?

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    • Thank you so much Konika for appreciating the work buddy.

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