3 Worst Programs to Watch on Pakistani Media

Worst-TV-Shows in PakistanPakistani Media has evolved greatly over the last few years and has turned into the soul entertainment medium for the locals of the country, as well as for the people living abroad. However, there are still some domains in the vast field of media that still need a better strategy. Here are 3 worst programs to watch on Pakistani Media in 2014, have a look!

1. Morning shows

morning shows worst program to watch on Pakistani media

The television is known as the idiot box just because it’s a waste of time to watch many of the programs which are being aired, morning shows being one of them. There are so many channels, each having its own morning show every day that eventually they run out of topics and it seems really monotonous to watch the same thing again and again on different channels. Usually the guest list is also more or less the same, with the people celebrating any wedding event. All the people present on the show get dressed in such gaudy dresses with heavy makeup and jewelry early in the morning that it makes one wonder how they tolerate all this in such a hot weather. Most of the morning shows are hosted by females who tend to laugh, grin and clap without any reason. The show is more or less about them displaying and promoting designer brands or their makeup artists and hair stylists. Morning shows is a very good medium to educate and empower women, it is time they start doing something constructive.

2. Turkish dramas

turkish dramas worst program to watch on Pakistani media

The drama industry of Turkey has played a great role in increasing the country’s popularity internationally. The Turkish series feature high production values, selling them abroad and booming Turkey’s television industry. However, these dramas were aired in Pakistan with much controversy. Although coming from a Muslim country, the dramas fail to depict Muslim values yet alone Pakistani culture.

3. Comedy sitcoms

Comedy worst program to watch on Pakistani media

The comedy industry of Pakistan sadly fails to stimulate the LOL factor in its viewers. Majority of the shows either insult and make fun of their cast member’s physical looks, origin or accent and then laugh till they are rolling on the floor so as to compel the viewers to do the same. They try to take out weird sounds or gestures like forming a distorted face which leaves the viewer feeling sick rather than entertained. Take the example of Nabeel from Bulbulay, the way he speaks out ‘jaaanuuuu’ doesn’t give a romantic feeling neither does it make one laugh. Also, many of the standup comedians who were previously doing their own shows have started to appear in morning shows. There too they either make fun of the other guests or try to play cheesy with the callers. They try to force the audience to laugh by making funny faces that only leaves the host to smile on their jokes probably just so that they don’t feel insulted on their lame comedy. It is time that the comedians realize that only jokes on good topics would help them succeed and not distorted gestures and unpleasant sounds.