3 Things you can do on LinkedIn

linkedInHow strange is the fact that despite of having endless opportunities on different social networking sites, all we find on internet is ‘Facebook’. We have been sharing some quality posts, highlighting other social media to increase opportunities and awareness and this time it is LinkedIn. LinkedIn can be considered as one of those social sites that has got all the potential to bring you some great job offers and let you create a social circle that would be as professional as you want it to be. The site is somehow under-rated but here are three interesting things you should do on LinkedIn.

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1)Explore and Experiment and Get Entertained

Would you like to review all of your LinkedIn connections and lay them out on time line? And imagine how it will look like to have your profile info display as a template. Surely you are going to love the change and especially when it comes to no more reading headlines, now HEAR the LinkedIn today’s popular headlines just through your Smartphone anytime when you are connected, life at LinkedIn feels never too easy. You can get this all and rest of the twelve most interesting apps if you experiment with LinkedIn Labs. It’s a lot more to write but I guess I will keep you curious and let you explore it your way, but let me help you introducing to a bonus app that you would definitely want to check out, Year in Review, it’s where you can find the crazy job market over the last several years and you might be amazed when you see the result of running this app. Hurry and get updated to a better and easy LinkedIn.

2)Time to Join A Group

You may get something to say or won’t mind discovering like minded professionals and join discussion. LinkedIn Groups are a good way to stay informed and keep in touch with people that share your goals and interest. You can either be a free consultant, if you are concern and caring, or you can get involve into work related social networking groups. To get started you simply need to hit ‘Groups’ and see who your friends talking to. LinkedIn will propose few of its own groups as well, and then you can decide which one to join after reviewing which group is activated. There are millions of groups and we are sure you will definitely find one for you that keeps you entertained and well informed.

3)LinkedIn today, now get better updates

Though you might be using LinkedIn for career related news but surely you do not know it spots the top stories from 2000 above professionals. With so many social channels it’s difficult to stay connected and if you are one of its users, you can simply use it for your personal professional gain; your brand is missing out the major opportunity to extend its reach and attract new customers. It’s time to discover what world’s professionals and rising stars are reading and sharing right now. LinkedIn Today is exposing you to the reasons why content marketers shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn. Here you will be getting nutrition with top business and industry news. You just need to set up your LinkedIn page and enjoy the actual world without getting frustrated by other means. You simply need to click on ‘News’ on the top navigation bar and select ‘LinkedIn Today’, you are ready to get started but hold on you can customize the news feeds by simply click on the cog icon to the top-right of the page, and be happy because you just saved your time scrolling through unnecessary news.


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  1. Interesting post. Linkedin is one of the best social networking site,social media is a powerful weapon to share you thoughts and ideas with others.

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