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Increase earnings at fiverrWriting an article as a freelancer generates not more than 2-3 dollars a day as a starter, no matter how much he tries. Establishing a blog itself is a long procedure, bringing profit after a lot of hard work. Think about earning $5 or even more than that for your gigs on Fiverr a day, you will definitely find it interesting to make money in round figures. is an exciting money making site where the members can sell their special gigs to people who are interested in it for $5 each. This $5 is deposited by the buyer on the site and the seller gets $4 after deductions that he can withdraw through PayPal.

Fiverr is one of those sites that people look for to make money. But the question that comes in mind immediately after knowing about fiverr is, just $5 and nothing more? The answer to this is what we will keep on focusing throughout this post. You can always switch from earning $5 to $200 if you adopt the following tactics in your every fiverr move.



First know what you are!

judge your qualitiesHow unfortunate is this that some people spent all their lives never thinking or rather never knowing their potentials, and suffer a lot too. A good approach to do business with fiverr account is you need to explore yourself in first step. Use a paper, pencil and jot down everything you can do to perfection. Even if you can talk endlessly, or you can even read nicely, count them all as your capabilities. Never underestimate your potentials before finalizing in the first step.

The Reason:

What people do is, they focus on one particular gig, that others praise him for in real world. Now this is obvious that when you will restrict yourself to 1 gig, you will earn for 1 gig too. Think about, let us say, you are a great singer and always got good grades in c programming. Along with all this, you can teach mathematics online too. You chat a lot and have got a fast typing speed, etc. so if you place your gigs related to all what just we assumed, think about earning $20 a day. Other features count here too to bring you $20 a day, but as a start up, think of throwing your colors in every possible field to increase your chances to be selected and paid for your gigs.

Keep an Eye on Most Wanted

follow the market trendIt’s a great thing if you have got the expertise over many things, offering your gigs in multidimensional fields surely will turn out to be beneficial for you but, don’t play it blindly. I m sure, all my readers would be familiar with the example of work being done, where to get the results, a force should be covering some distance too, relate the phenomena with you gigs and then fruitful results of earning. You need to observe the trend been set on the site that people follow, especially those who are earning the most with their gigs. For example, closely go through the gigs uploaded, if people are making more money by writing articles, and you have the ability to meet your potential client’s requirements, then focus primarily on placing a gig of article writing, giving your those gigs less priority that would hardly bring more buyers, like if you can stitch, it would be less probable that people on fiverr would like to get their clothes stitched by you, still, I would suggest place all your gigs, so that you enjoy maximum inflow.

The Reason:

Observing the trends that bring more proposals is extremely necessary to ensure a regular income. Following the traits and knowing what the most profitable grounds on fiverr are, related to few of your abilities that will bring buyers to your profile. The hot topics on such sites, like article writing or programming in languages is something that is available in bulk and needed in bulk as well, leaving you with more buyers of your gig, bringing more revenue than just $5. Although the competition is high too, but if you learnt and followed the techniques of how to produce a powerful gig, which we are going to discuss In this series, will definitely attract more buyers-and-more Profit.

Give a reason to Buyers to choose you!

The must have ingredient in businesses like earning online with contracts as in freelancing and sites like fiverr, is you must have the sense of marketing your product (gig, in this case). Keep yourself in place of your gig’s potential buyers, what would appeal you the most if you need to choose one writer from a crowd of 100s? Now the answer to this question may vary person to person, but always try to understand your client’s expectations in general. Try to prove yourself different from your competitors.

All you have got to grab attention are only a title, few lines and picture. You need to utilize it phrasing your slogans smartly. You might use slogans like, “I write-you earn…” or may be, “I read minds and make your articles the way you think of…” just choose eye catching lines. Give a reason to your potential buyers.

The Reason:

It’s not only you who can write well or have the commands in particular niche. No! There are people who are better than you, as well as those, who know how to pretend to fall in the first category. No matter how effective your potentials are, they won’t bring you a penny if you don’t know how to advertise your capabilities, forcing people to do business with you.

Promote your Talent Yourself-Everywhere!

markt your gigsIt’s never a professional practice to rely on only on medium, especially when you want to earn a serious living. Explore internet and search through requirement sections of different forums and communities, where people look for services that you might also provide. Post your services on free classified ad sites offering your services. You will see that people who will be interested in your services will contact you, increasing the number of buyers of your offered gig.

The Reason:

Although the earning strategy followed in fiverr is reliable, you get paid accordingly, you get customers as well, but when and how much, this is something no one can predict. Its better to market yourself too everywhere possible.

Rule Fiverr- Become rich

A professional approach is to stay in limelight when you are in a business where you need continuous contracts/ clients to make money.think about keeping your gig on the front page of fiverr. Ask the customer care of Fiverr website about how you can showcase your gig on the front page of the website so that your potential busy clients choose your gig to save time.

I have been researching on fiverr too much lately, have got some great hidden tips that one must add to earn four times as much as his current earnings through fiverr. All for Now,

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