How Much Money Leonardo DiCaprio Makes?

how much money leonardo diCaprio makesIt might sound fascinating to know the huge bucks earned by great celebrities for their work in different forms of art. But the talent and the phenomenal performance that comes out of such celebrities is definitely worth a great payback. In the list of some A-list pay owners of Hollywood, stands one of the most popular, highly talented and the born-to-act actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The name doesn’t need an introduction since it lives in the hearts of all the film lovers and critics. After throwing films like Romeo and Juliet, Titanic, shutter Island, catch me if you can and best of all Inception, he deserved to be standing among the highest paid actors of Hollywood which include Robert Downey Jr. , Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck.

Lets have a look on his worth including assets and salary he gets from acting.

DiCaprio’s Present Asssets

Coming to put light on current assets of Leo, we can find out a house owned by him worth $23 million in Malibu, Balckadore Cay Island worth $1.75 million, other four properties include Carbon Beach house for $6 million, Hollywood hills home for $4 million, Riverhouse apartment for $6.76 million ad Palm Springs home for $5.2 million.

1. DiCaprios present assets

That was all but for the properties only, apart from this, he carries with him cars like Toyota Prius which is worth $25000, Fisker Karma Hybrid for $95000 and Tesla Roadster for $120,000.

He also owns a production house which is named as Appian Way Productions.

Money Leo Generates from Acting

The present net worth of Leonardo Dicaprio is estimated to $250 million as of 2016. What makes him own this fortune is his appearance in many big budgeted ventures throughout his career and working with all A-list producers and directors. Leo started off as a child in commercials on television but nobody ever knew at that time that this little kido is gonna give a film like inception to blow one’s mind completely. Leo’s first box office hit was William shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet which grossed $147.5 million in 1996. In 1997, titanic hit the screen which made the crew earn huge stake, then catch me if you can smashed with a gross amount of $352 million, gangs of new York grossed $193.7 million, The Departed $289 million and so on.

how much money leonardo diCaprio make

For his very famous ‘Wolf Of Wallstreet’ , it is said that he was paid $25 million for his work. Among all these tidings, one of the most amazing move by Leo was to work in a film like Inception which made him earn $50 million (believe me or not). The movie itself grossed about $570 million so far, that’s definitely the kind of stuff expected to come from Leonardo DiCaprio. This is the biggest payday for him according to Forbes uptill now. You never know for the future since the man we are talking about is DiCaprio. His current salary per year as an actor is $29000000.

Apart from acting, the other sources of wealth include different brand endorsements of which the most attractive one is OPPO Mobile Telecommunications for $5 millions.

One can definitely not judge what next big thing is Leo going to give our way that would add a great part in his fortune for his ‘the revenant’ is in process of grossing to its best level.

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