15 Reasons Why you can never become Rich?


Did you ever think what made the rich so rich? What is so special about them? Why can’t you be rich? What stops you from being one? Do you have any idea? No! You simply don’t have answers to these very simple questions. For the world, they are same people as you are but with a slightly different mindset and a strong will to be on the top. Being rich is not only about earning money, it is a lot more than that. Everyone wishes to be rich but only a few determined dreamers manage to fulfill their dreams. While the rest just stay where they always were. The reasons mentioned below will show you what has left you behind and why can’t you be rich. Let’s find out!

1) Failures are followed by excuses

It is your life and only you rule it. Things don’t happen by chance; your decisions and acts play a vital role in everything but you don’t realize that. You always have excuses and reasons to blame your luck, your surroundings and others for your failures. Until and unless you start taking responsibilities of your doings, you can never be rich!

2) You do not aim to be rich

If you are satisfied with your living style and just wish to earn money, you can never be rich. In order to be rich, you need to aim to be rich. Rich people just don’t settle for what they have, they keep on craving for more. That is where you lack!

3) You do not make commitments

The biggest mistake you make is that you don’t make commitments to yourself. You just go along with the wind and never stop for what you need the most. You only wish and like to be rich, you don’t commit to be rich. Once you realize that, the whole universe will join hands to be at your service.

4) Small Goals

You cannot be rich if you do not set extraordinary goals. With just the everyday goals, you cannot land among the stars. You just aim to be good at your college, workplace; you never think of competitions on wider platforms. When you do not think big, you don’t get big. It’s that simple!

5) Lack of Focus

Life is full of opportunities and hurdles but what matters most is how you interpret them. One set back can stop you from going further. That is not how the rich-to-be should act. If you lack focus on the opportunities and you keep on sticking to your failures, you can never be rich. You always take failures as obstacles while the rich people take them as stepping stones towards their target.

6) Envy

You envy others! Yes, that’s true. Instead of admiring and looking at the brighter picture of someone’s success, you try to find loops holes to put them down. This is the main reason why someone else reached where you wanted to be. If you stop thinking about their glory and put your jealousy aside, you can learn from their success stories and move a step closer towards your success.

7) Why can’t I?

You don’t think that way. What you believe is that what other rich people are doing is something out of this world and you can’t be alike. You don’t learn from them, you feel contended in adoring them. This is where you get off the track! You should spend time with some of the great people around you and start thinking, when they can do it, why can’t I?

8) Lime Light

You never focus on promoting yourself, you always try to stay away from the lime light and practice your modesty. You tend to be down-to-earth instead of showing off what you have in store. Rich people have tricks and trends to promote and publicize what they have for the world while you love to stay in your shell forever.

9) Your problems are bigger than you!

You believe your problems are bigger that you and you are positive about that. You never get used to the idea that things won’t always go your way. You resent instead of finding the goodness about what contradicted your way. Your behavior and reaction to your problems determines the way you want your life to be!

10) Wealth

When you start earning, you consider on how much you earn annually instead of what your net worth is. Your wealth is a fusion of your investments, savings, incomes and cost of savings. However, you keep thinking your current wealth is only what you earned last year.

11) Money Management

You might or might not be good at it. Money management plays a vital role in becoming rich; you just can’t rush to what you like and what you want. When you don’t take your money seriously, you end up with credit cards and interests. This drifts you away from your long lost dream of becoming rich. Therefore, use your spare money intelligently and effectively so that it eases your path instead of increasing the hurdles in it.

12)  Accumulation of Wealth

If you accidentally get rich, you pile up wealth. Your wealth stays as the decor of some bank and nothing fruitful happens. You keep on accumulating wealth and never utilize it the way it should be. Start investing what you have, if you really need to be rich. Rich people don’t just sit and make money; they work hard and strive to reach the top.

13) Bad Receivers

When someone compliments you, you try to find ways to compliment them back. You don’t accept what you receive and wish to return an equally good compliment. Stop doing that! When somebody praises you, just accept it, say thanks and move ahead. Don’t stop to return it back. Feel worthy of what you receive. Once you start feeling worthy of getting humongous amount of money, you will surely get it!

14) Pay-for-Performance

You work for a fixed amount of income which you will get no matter whether you work properly or not. This demeans you and your skills plus your chances of moving ahead. You feel glad to have a permanent job irrespective of your quality of performance. The rich class never does that. They work on pay-for-performance basis. This mode of work keeps them highly motivated and helps them in getting better each day.

15) Fear

You dread failures. You just can’t afford to lose. This is the most important of all the reasons why you can’t be rich. Your fears don’t let you move ahead. They are a setback in your life. Fears never go away but what you can do is to feel the fear and still do what you really want to. You need to tame the beast of fear!

These are all the reasons why you can’t be rich and why the rich keeps getting richer and richer each day. If you somehow manage to get rid of even a few of the aforementioned reasons, you might land up among the stars!


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  1. Nice Article…According to my experience if you want to get rich then leave poor people and start doing company of Rich Persons..You’ll feel the change. Its like Magnetism.

  2. Yes the fear is the most important factor, For months I never had a profile picture on my website because of my shyness and fear, but Now I am an expert in my field still shyness is not leaving me

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