15 Haram Ways You Must Avoid To Make Money Online

15 haram businesses you must avoid to make money online“Eat of the good things and do good deeds.” (2:168)  This verse from Almighty Allah regarding significance of lawful earning and its influence on your decisions while choosing your way to earn money. Being a Muslim, we all know how strict and definite the criteria for earning livelihoods is. We have been provided a line between haram and halal stuff and doings that follows some principles and rules. Lawful earning is highly emphasized and loved by Allah and unlawful earning takes you nowhere in the world as well as in the eyes of God.

As of present world, online money making has become very common and it opens thousands of ways for you to earn your fortune. But not all the ways take you to earn lawful money. Infact there are a great many businesses that fall under the category of Haram earning. You need to ponder over it and be aware while choosing your source of income.

Here are 15 online jobs that you need to avoid as to prevent haram earning by your end:

1.  Online Gambling

running gambling haram

Gambling in Islam is illegal whether it is online or offline. Try to avoid the latest online gambling methods like Pay To Click stuff, lottery terminals and scratchcards since all the money earned from gambling is Haram and you just cant adopt it being a true believer of Islam.

2.  Blogging on Music

2. blogging on music

Music being prohibited in Islam closes all the ways of income related to it as your business. Blogging on music, as a consequence becomes haram for all those believing in this fact. Although there is still two opinions about music being haram or halal in Islam.

3.Celebrities’ Scandals and Wallpapers

Sharing and promoting stuff related to celebrities make you move towards another haram way of earning online. This industry is more likely to be a controversial one considering the Islamic jurisprudence. There are many option to do jobs in this field like pasting wallpapers of celebrities, writing reviews related to their scandals etc.

4.    Blogs Promoting Racism and Fascism

4. blogs promoting racism and fascism

Try to keep yourself away from writing blogs that promote racism or any such idea that deviates one from the teachings of Islam. This makes your earnings from your blogs haram.

5.    Horoscope Blogs Telling Future

5. horoscopes telling fortune

There is a growing trend of telling horoscopes and stuff related to future and fortune online. Many websites and bloggers are trying to make their money out of this market. But being a Muslim, we all know that believing on horoscopes is simply unacceptable and future and fortune are all in hands of Allah and known by Him only. So you better keep away from these websites.

6.  Uploading TV Serials without Copyrights

6. uploading tv serials without copyrights

You must have an idea about uploading videos and earn money out of it. But there are some websites which upload videos by recording them from any other platform and have access to these videos without copyrights. Just like Zemtv.com does. It records TV serials and upload them to earn money out of it. This is illegal and becomes haram according to Islamic guide.

7.    Stealing Content (plagiarism)

7. stealing content (plagiarism)

Stealing in Islam in any way is a sin and a stolen thing is always considered as haram. If you make it your way of earning then there is no way for you to be a true believer. Copying someone’s content while writing articles or blogs without reference, what we know as plagiarism, makes all the money haram that you earn from your blog.

8.    Sharing E-books For Free

8. sharing ebooks for free

Sharing e-books without having copyrights is an illegal act for which you are responsible to its author and publisher. E-books are being shared all over the internet like torrent and other platforms to earn money. But this is simply haram and you need to keep away from it.

9.    Selling Haram Stuff Online

alcohol haram

There is a line between Haram and Halal things as per described by Islamic Jurisprudence. While doing business or advertising online, you need to be aware and not to choose Haram items for selling. These items include pork, dead animal’s meat, alcoholic beverages, drugs etc.

10. Blogs Promoting Scams

10. blogs promoting scam

There is a huge online market that lets you scam and earn huge money out of it. Many illegal and short ways fooling customers and users in different manners are being utilized by scammers and attract a lot of audience to get indulged with it. Of course you don’t need to make any efforts and get easy money through scams. But that will never make you earn peace of mind that halal money brings to you.

11.Moneymaking From Pornographic Websites

11. moneymaking from porographic websites

What? Porn? Being a true believer of Islam you must be aware of the fact that watching porn is strictly prohibited. That makes all the businesses related to the pornography like advertising such websites and marketing them is Haram for all the Muslims.

12. Using Fake Profiles For Business

12. using fake profiles for business

To promote or sell your own product, you just cant use anyone else’s profile and identity in the market. This business is very common and seen by young ones in online market. This must not be adopted as your way of income if you truly believe in Halal earning.

13. Making Fake Degrees


13. making fake degress

There are many websites which people are using to sell fake degrees and diplomas. Using the name of an institution and getting their seal on the documents is what they do to earn huge amounts of money. This definitely leads to haram source of income and you better avoid such practice.

14. Donation Scams

14. donation scams

Donation scamming is yet another illegal way of earning money online. This is done by a person individually or by a whole organization. They present fake causes and documents related to the causes to get donations. Just stay away from any such kind of business.

15. Fake Prize Bonds

There are many organizations making fool of all those devoted fans of lotteries and prize bonds. They believe in trying their fortune by buying lottery tickets or prize bonds and getting money out of it. But there is a completely fake system of such kind of bonds and tickets present in the market faking the online customers tactfully.

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W said:

He who makes efforts to maintain his family out of lawful earnings is like a fighter in the way of Allah and he who seeks lawful earnings after restraining himself will get the rank of a martyr.

He further said:

The wealth which a man earns from unlawful things will not be accepted from him even if it is given in charity. If he leaves it after his death, he will increase the fire of Hell therewith.

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