15 Hot Freelance Tasks That You can Do Without Internet Connection!

15 Must Do Tasks with No Internet in FreelancingInternet has become a true blessing on one side for freelancers these days, as it helps one to find clients online, market work efficiently at a low cost (or for free), network with colleagues, run one’s own website, explore a lot more. But on the other side, internet surely has some drawbacks as well. A lot of freelancers find it difficult to resist reading e-mails, signing in to their social media accounts, checking stats for their blogs and websites or following one link after the other which for sure is a distraction in a freelancers work.

There is a lot to do on the internet, but at times our connection gets awry and we get really frustrated. But there are always some tasks that can be and should be done without internet. So, all those who get mad when they just can’t access internet, the next time you can’t connect, don’t get crazy – be resourceful. No matter which area of freelancing you are a part of, you can always get started with the following ideas.

1) It’s Calling Time:

There are always some clients who feel better to talk on phone rather than specifying things on email. So, if you have been waiting for a time to talk to them, you have actually got a time to call and discuss about the services the client wants.

2) Focus on your Target:

Your goals never remain constant. It’s always a good thought to look at where you stand at the moment. You might feel the need to make changes, or add new ones. If you haven’t written them down yet, start the first time sign off.

3) Write down:

For all those who blog and who runs their own website or do freelancing, this is the right time to start writing.

4) Advertising line of attack.

It is always useful to have a promotion tactic in order to compute the efficiency of the objects on it. And if you already have something in your mind, think if it needs any changes or not. Do you need to make some changes? Or do you need to stick to the current plan?

5) Recheck your routine work

In order to stay immune, it is always fine to check how well your routine work is going on and does it need any modifications

6) Inspect your financial plan.

Always keep a track of your expenses, also check if you need to increase your income or cut down your expenses. It always saves you from hard times.

7) Estimate your charges

The first question that you need to ask here is ; Are you really charging what you really deserves? Do you need to raise your charges? Approximating your rates after you have examined your budget will give you a clear idea of what you need.

8) Review your client list

Think for a while if you need more clients or you are just too overburdened. Also give a thought to the relation that you have with your client.

9) Brainstorm.

Coming up with new ideas is always appreciated not only by your client, but also gives you a happy feeling. Jot down the ideas as soon as they strike your head. Mark the good ones and obsolete the bad ones. Brainstorm at least for 10 minutes. Whenever you need some inspiration, you can always brainstorm.

10) Organize drafts

Re-writing the same proposals and emails is exhausting, so why not prepare some couple of templates so that the text time you can get rid of re-writing the same thing all over again. This will save you significant time.

11) Research offline

People have this concept that researching can only be done when you have an internet to access which is not so true. Researching can be done without internet via those useful notes or books that you ever bought or collected but never got the time to go through. Well, you just have got the time so why not take a look at what the paperback world has for you to offer.

12) Review your resume

While some clients go through the links at your website, there are others who want to see your resume. So take a break and make sure that your resume is professional enough to be presented to such clients

13) Take some chill Pills

Listen to some good music, hang out with friends, and take some fresh air. Even though this is not a freelancer’s job but it is essential for everyone to be efficient, productive and healthy.

14) Revise your to-do list(s).

Almost everyone makes a list of thing-to-do. If you are one of them then when was the last time that you crossed things that have done? Hang on to your list again and work out for the things that are still left to be done.

15) Keep a business-related shopping list.

Regardless of where you are, you can always make a list of all the things that you need to shop for your work and for your business and it is one of the things ,freelancers must do.


16) Keep a Back-Up:

Even though there are online sites that help you in saving your files, without charging anything from you. It is not at all bad to keep a copy for your hard drives.

17)Evaluate your productivity.

Time yourself doing one or some of these tasks and then time it again while accessing internet. And you will for sure find an improvement in the productivity of your work.

The main point IS to prioritize while dealing with all of these tasks. Obviously, it is not possible to do all of these tasks at once and connections problems aren’t long lasting. It is always better to get something done than to aim for doing everything and in end getting g nothing and who knows? Maybe you will even find yourself deliberately going offline free.