12 Ways to create a Free Website

Ways to create a Free Website Websites are a basic necessity of any business. Every business must have a place to showcase their work, skills and clients.  For this purpose, you will need website design tools to enhance and update your website. There are some free tools which allows you to create your website free of cost. Therefore, we sharing some cools ways of creating your website.

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1) IM-Creator

IM-Creator provides you a drag and drop interface. With just a click, you can add or delete an element, text or image. It makes testing easier for you as you can just drag and drop whatever you like. However, this has a very short learning curve as compared to other websites.

2) About.me

About.me is just the right option for all the small business owners. It allows you to make simple web pages which will depict the basic theme and working of your website. You can add up your social network, any information you would like to share and your blog.

3) Jimdo

Jimdo is a bit different from other website builders. It actually allows you to build an online store. You can list up to five items for free. It is not just a website but a complete online store. It provides search engine optimization and RSS feed. All you have to do is choose a domain, enter email and start off customizing your website.

4) Lifeyo

Lifeyo is a really cool website builder which uses the Amazon.com backend to host your website. It has an efficient drag and drop interface and does not require a credit card for sign up.

5) Doomby

Doomby is an exclusive place to build a website for new business owners. It offers you to fill a form, save it and activate your website instantly. It provides you various options and navigations which will determine where you want to go. It is a free service with a paid upgrade option.

6) OnePager

OnePager allows you to create a one-page website. It has a very fast sign up; you do not have to enter any details. You just have to start building and customizing your website.

7) Edicy

Edicy is the easiest and most elegant website builder that provides you a simple sign up process and directs you to the website building dashboard immediately. This does not take much time and within a few moments you will be able to design a terrific business website.

8) Puzl

Puzl is the latest and very user-friendly design tool. They only give their name in your footer and the rest is totally yours. They only charge you if you want to map it on any domain. The rest is totally free.

9) Squarespace

Squarespace is the gem of all the website builders. It has a variety of templates with varying options to make changes according to the requirements. It takes less time and gives you a professional look within no time.

10) Yola

Yola is one of the easiest website builders with just the four fields to begin. It then takes you through the website and provides you professional templates to choose from. The templates can easily be modified and published.

11) vFlyer

vFlyer is a blend of Craigslist service and single page web builder. Whatever you create here can be posted and added to your website. It allows you to manage online classifieds and turn your flyers into printable PDFs.

12) Biznik

Biznik is a social network which focuses more on small business owners and allows ease of search using the member profiles and profession.

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