100 Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers To Drive Traffic To a Blog! – Part 1

 100 ways to bring TrafficThe most important factor that is needed all the time, consistently in a blogging career is the Traffic. The Traffic of any Blog or Website decides the success level of every webmaster and blogger. No matter how extraordinary your article or content is, but if you don’t have a traffic to read it and to promote it, you have simply wasted your time in writing it! However it’s a pity that In Pakistan and other undeveloped countries especially, most of the Bloggers serve 30% of their time in searching from where to get the contents, 20% on manipulating it,30% on its outlook, etc. and only 20% on bringing traffic and increasing viewership.

So, after reading the strategies followed by the pro-bloggers of the world, here I present 100 ways that the top bloggers of the world used and with that,you can Drive Traffic to your Blog too.

The first 50 Best Tips to Drive a good Amount of traffic to your blogs are as explained:

1. Set your goals:

Before you start following the rest of the tips, set your goals, and targeted audience first. For Example, on blogs, if you are not getting targeted traffic from search engines or from referral sites, your conversion rate and CTR will be too low.

2. Post Quality Matter:

The most common tip, whose importance can be realized by anyone easily, to keep your living room attractive, you need attractive furniture too, isn’t it? Similarly, A Quality blog needs quality content too. You should write well researched and detailed information so that your viewers can trust you and your blog, and can use it as a source of reference later.

3. Guest post on other blogs:

guest-postIt’s always a good idea to start guest posting. You can build HQ backlinks and also increase your reliability with a smart guest post movement, for a good Moz rank, it’s important to get high backlink and also to your internal pages and now homepage alone.

4. Comment on other blogs:

comment-box-okcancelThis will be new to most of my readers too; it’s true that commenting helps in many ways. Always show a sportsman spirit and visit, read and learn from your competitors in the market. Comment only when you have some value to add, but if you like the post and want to appreciate it, instead of just saying “nice post”, like or share that post.

5. blog Optimization for search engines:

People find SEO scaring one but it’s easier than you think. It’s like some good practice that everyone should follow. You should spend 2 hours a day for learning SEO and by the end of month; you can take care of most of basic SEO issues. Don’t stop learning things.

6. Using trackbacks:

Be intelligent enough to make use of trackbacks. You will find many of such trackbacks on the internet, for example, copyblogger. You get unique visitors by it, increasing your blog traffic.


7. Be active on forums:

I personally believe in the “out of sight – out of mind policy”, the more popular you become the more credibility you achieve. Be active in other forums that are related to your niche and don’t forget to include a link to your blog in your signature, this encourage the readers of that forum to learn more about your happenings, making it profitable for you in return.

8. Write List posts:

People like to read the best. They want to keep themselves updated. Play with it! Try to give them the list posts like “top” , “best” posts rather than simple informative posts about some product or application. Even if you choose to write on that, choose the subject wisely and phrase it further nicely.

9. “top 10” posts:

top10try to write “top 10” about any subject you choose to write, the more versatility your post will have, talking about more than products, the more are chances that you will increase he traffic.

10. “Top 50” posts:

A stated in point 9, if you think you have something big enough that cannot be covered in “top 10”, search a little more, and go for “top 50” posts.

11. “ Best 100” posts (like this one):

Got a lot to share? Go ahead. Write a “Top 100” post, but it’s better to break the entire post in “part 1” and “part 2” or may be if the post is long enough, you can make “part 3” as well. Most of the times, it has been that readers lose their interests in between the long posts on blog. Keep it easy, entertaining and attractive for your readers.

12. Build your mailing list :

Since the advent of internet mailing system, email marketing has been a popular one. People check their mails regularly, and you make a fortune for yourself by creating a targeted mailing list.

13. Write on how to drive blog traffic:

Share your strategy which works for you in increasing the traffic for your site. Remember that, everyone needs traffic and people like other bloggers who share the secrets and follow them.

14. Work on getting media’s spotlight:

I m sure all of you know the power of media, take its help, try to gain their attention. This alone can help you gain a lot of traffic.

15. Write Link bait posts.

“Link bait” actually means that the post is the type of work others will want to link to. The types of content people want to link to be as varied as the types of content available on the Web, ranging from pure garbage to enlightened discussion.


16. Write tutorials for tutorial sites:

There are thousands of tutorial sites for which you can write tutorials and get plenty of visitors for your own blog just for your one article. A good example is tutorialized.com

17. Use technorati:

Submitting your blog to technorati, can bring you decent number of traffic

18. Joinsecret bloggers club:

This is the place where they do retweet and promote each other’s post. This alone can send you a decent number of traffic.

19. Join blogging communities:

Keep learning from the probloggers who share their experiences in blogging communities like MMO Social Network and BlogEngage.

20. Blog Pinging:

You need to ping your blog after writing your blog posts using a site like pingomatic, this allows some sites to cover leading to an inflow of blog traffic.

21. BlogCarnival.com:

you should submit your blog to blog carnivals which is a good platform to get traffic from.

22. introduce Contests:

People always go for such things where they might get things for free. Start a blog contest and get more real targeted subscribers. You will be surprised with the response which you usually get for contest.

23. Make your Site – your identity:

Include your blog URL as signature in your email.


24. Promote by creating videos:

If you are artistic enough to create some great videos that relates to you niche, distribute it to video sites by using a service like tubemogul.com.

25. Use feed directories:

Submit your blogs to these feed directories. They helps in distributing your blog posts to different that leads to an increase in the traffic.

26. Use Free Press release:

Another way to promote it is write a press release about your blog and submit it to free press release websites.

27. Facebook Ads:

Social networking has widened the scope of many promotion businesses, advertise your blog using Facebook Ads, and see how many likes you get, bringing traffic.facebook-ads2

28. Advertise about your Blog:

By this time, all of us know the importance of Advertisements; you can advertise your blog using Google Adwords.

29. Newspaper:

Do a little investment and advertise your blog on your local newspaper. Once your blog’s name makes its place in the market, your traffic will increase significantly. One of the examples of this is olx.com

30. Television:

If you have got the resources, advertise your blog on your local television station. This can be very productive.

31. Radio:

Radio has revived itself and people follow it quite frequently. You can advertise your blog on your local radio station by either making calls in live shows or by finalizing some deal with the organization to get your blog advertised.

32. Use Twitter:

Create a professional twitter account, get some followers and start tweeting your blog posts using #hashtags.

33. Online yellow pages.

Advertise your blog on online yellow pages.

34. Like, tweet, Google+, etc.:

Always add social sharing buttons to your blog at the start of the post – you will get more traffic when people share your posts.


35. Use Blog Directories:

If you are a new blogger then submit your blog to blog directories because they also send some good traffic that can help you out initially

36. Use website directories:

Submit your posts and articles to website directories.

37. Use Article Directories:

Submit your posts and articles to Article directories.

38. Write on controversial topics:

Controversial topics attract the most traffic. For example, facebook timeline, Steve Jobs, etc, though you have to be very careful with this. Be wise about what to write and what not!

39. Attack Google or any big company:

Once your blog gains the limelight with some kind of a rumor or controversy you spread, or with something really hot, the media will cover this and boom you are already getting lots of traffic.

40. Get yourself listed in DMOZ:

DMOZ is a Google-respected directory and getting listed can improve your rankings in Google and other search engines immediately, list yourself there to get more traffic.

41. Tags – the most important:

Always use tags in your posts. These tags help bringing traffic when search engines search for some specific tag that you have also used.

42. yahoo answers:

Make your blog reliable. Answer questions on and use your blog as the source. This will gradually bring you a great but permanent traffic.


43. Use Stumbleupon:

Always submit your posts to Stumbleupon.

44. Blogger Feedbacks on Questions:

Same questions from different bloggers and compile all their answers into a post. Your post will be a juice of what the probloggers advice.

45. Stay updated – keep updated:

Try to be the first one to cover and share the top news with your readers. Visit big blogs like techcrunch to keep a check on the latest happenings.

46. Interview ProBloggers:

Take Interviews of the top bloggers that are known for their work and include that in your niche, there are fair chances that these bloggers will retweet it and might even end up linking to it on their blog. This will encourage the traffic from their blog to visit yours too.

47. create video posts:

Written posts are common, try something new like Video Blogging is great way to make your blog a hit one

48. Use Pictures – be Creative:

Pictures and relevant images play an equal role as your content, people prefer picture posts over reading long articles; try to write picture posts, example, and the top 10 most beautiful buildings in the subcontinent

49. Use Google News:

Get your blog listed in Google news. This opens up the world for you, bringing you a considerable amount of followers.

50. Target Celebrities:

Try to relate your blog with something people want to know. What can be more entertaining than celebrities for the people? Write posts in relation to celebrities e.g. Steve Jobs death taught me about blogging.

these were the the top 50 tips suggested by the pro-bloggers all around the globe about how  to drive traffic to your blog. wait for my next post in which I will share the most interesting remaining 50 tips with you.
till then,
stay tuned,


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