100 Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers To Drive Traffic To a Blog! – Part 2

trafficIn my last post 100 Best Tips Given By Professional Bloggers To Drive Traffic To a Blog! – Part 1, I discussed 50 top advices given by the professional bloggers of the world. These tips are responsible for letting these best bloggers, make money online with a great efficiency.

Here are the remaining Best 50 tips that can bring you an immense traffic along with money, name, fame and success!

51. Advertise on craiglist:

In previous points, we discussed many platforms where you can advertise your blog and can get a good traffic in return. Craiglist is one of the strong forums to publicize your blog.


52. Write product Reviews:

product reviewsBlogging is a multitasking business; you have to keep an eye on other market happenings as well as maintain your blog and have to work to drive traffic to it, after all, that is what that brings you dollars. Try and review products related to your niche on online markets like Amazon and link your blog in your reviews. Now when people visit such e-markets to buy products, they always read the reviews written by different users. To know more, they might click on your link and become your follower.

53. Focus on Headlines:

It has been said that don’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case, your headline is all what that matters. It’s your headline that encourages or discourages the reader from reading your content. Write great, exceptionally killer, attractive headlines for your content so that out of many options that the internet gives to people, they choose your blog to get what they are searching for.

54. Play with human psychology:

play with human mindYou must have seen that some new actors get into controversial issues that relates to their seniors and gain limelight. Similarly, you can also target some of the top bloggers having the same niches as yours, after researching about them. You can write something counter to their posts or something in favor of it, there are chances that they will want to prove themselves in another post and they will link your post in theirs, indirectly bringing you more traffic.

55. Niche Social News Sites:

Don’t forget to submit your blog posts to niche social news sites like Sphinn and Bizsugar. This gives a wider exposure to your blog on social sites.

56. dig:

You need to look that which type of post goes popular at digg, submitting your post’s type there will help you get similar results.

57. Use other Big Sites:

No matter how popular a site is, it always has a thirst of reviews. Write Reviews for big websites related to your niche, like Alexa and try to link back to your site in the review. This will bring you a lot of followers from there.

58. sound different:

Try to adopt something that becomes unique about you and your blog. People are already getting so much of the content on the big websites with big business ratings on the internet, then where and how will you run your industry with the same typical ingredients? You definitely need to introduce an X-factor to your readers, gaining their confidence.


59. Cherish the Top Ones,  get cherished too!

Use the policy and manipulate the principle of “give respect- get respect” slightly, Interview many Top people in your niche, some of them can be your biggest competitors in the market, but by doing so, you are actually getting popularity too. Make it a practice.

60. Ask your Blogger Friends:

Initially if you find it difficult, ask your friends who are bloggers themselves to help you share and vote your blog post on social bookmarking sites.

61. Challenge the Top Bloggers:

blogger challangeAlthough this sounds really rude to do so, but don’t go on the literal meaning. You need to do great research and should collect some authentic points against the posts of top bloggers and write about them in your niche, linking their post too. Try to make up your image as an intelligent and sharp one in the market. at least fake it- till you make it!

62. Show your followers the other side:

It’s a natural practice that when something becomes a hot talk topic, almost every blog starts to promote the news. These news are somehow of the same type. Try to represent the latest issues with a different perception, for example, Take a look at a celebrity that has a lot of fans and write a post on why he is not supposed to have any fan. Think smart!

63. User Subscription to feeds:

There are possibilities that your reader might forget your blog soon, to avoid this, make sure your readers subscribe to your feed, this will bring about more repeat visitors which obviously worth more than one-time visits. Try to get a hold on your consistent readers who enjoy your posts and want to have more good ones from you.

64. Seek Power:

Try to establish cordial relations with the power users and influencers and take their help in making your blog a hit one.

65. Use Social Media:

Social media is on the verge of success these days. If you are intelligent enough and following the right direction, then Try to be a social media power user. This will give a drastic boost to your ratings, traffics and revenue in no time.

66. Multi-linguistic posts:

multi-lingIf you aim for bigger, then target large traffic too. Try to introduce a multi- linguistic system in your blog to make it easier to translate the content on your blog; this will help you in gaining more global visitors.

67. Proofreading:

It’s a good practice to proofread your posts on a regular basis. This helps you to provide the best quality of services and response to your followers.


68. Sound Professional:

This is something I have witnessed very often on several blogs. The authors address the world as if they are family members, forgetting the real nature of relation. i.e. they are the business clients. Using words like “oh yea”, “hmm”, “yes dude”. Etc. is not a professional and creative approach. People have plenty of friends already and they don’t want unnecessarily funny and over articles to be a source to waste their time on. Many people won’t link to unprofessional articles.

69. Introduce yourself as the best website/blog/company:

Start with something very creative, like something really big, this can be a product, a company or a website. Once you start that, you will see that lots of big blogs (like techcrunch) would like to write about you.

70. Advertise with a good cause:

This is a little too professional one (you will find it wrong may be if you judge this one emotionally).Sponsor charities and give them a link to your blog, they will be very pleased to link to you thereby leading to more traffic.

71. Work on a powerful tool:

For example, a great SEO tool can help you in gaining more traffic, similarly try to build a very useful tool to help yourself.

72. Add a Forum:

Don’t limit your blog to just posting and commenting; in fact you add a forum to your blog, giving it versatility and letting your followers interact with you other members to help each other as a community.

73. webring:

Join this blog as well to keep your blog in the limelight.

74. Guest posters:

Introduce guest posters on your blog; this brings the followers of those guests posts all the way to your blog.

75. Create Curiosity:

Curiosity makes people do things they even don’t want to. Isn’t so? Create curiosity in your headlines like Don’t Read if you have a soft heart! This will make people so curious and will force them to read and may be sharing your great post with other friends too. See you got the traffic simply by playing with words.

76. Offline Marketing:

Busy people visit selected and known sites. However, they have to see advertisements on billboards willingly, or non-willingly while traveling, you can advertise your blog on billboards and flyers offline. This can bring your blog into your notice and you can gain traffic. If not traffic then popularity for sure which ultimately brings you traffic anyway!

offline marketing

77. Custom T-Shirts:

We have had discussed how can one make money with Custom T-Shirts, but you can also customize T-Shirts as your blog advertising strategy. Craft a custom T-shirt with your name on it, award out some to other people freely and also make sure you wear yours frequently.

78. Free Blogging Seminars:

It’s a fact that you learn a lot when you teach, conduct free blogging seminars in your local area, with the collaborations of top people over there and learn from their guidance, help others too by spreading knowledge. You can also advertise your blog via this channel.

79. Sponsor blog contests:

An interesting way to get backlinks and blog traffic is that you should conduct sponsor blog contests in your niche, encouraging the followers to take part actively and promoting it in their social circle too.

80. be friends – ask for referrals:

be wise to be friends with the top bloggers in your niche, you can then ask them to mention your blog once in a while in their blog posts, that can bring you a little of their traffic. Don’t forget, the more popular you make yourself, the more revenue you will generate.

81. Guide People and get Traffic:

Try to write the guide posts in which you actually guide the people about something, make it interesting and happening. They should find it helpful, for example, an “critical Guide” about something. This generally brings you more likes, and retweets.

82. Create Surveys:

Construct a survey about a well-liked matter and issue the result out for the public to see, this will lead to backlinks and traffic.

83. List top Power Users:

We have targeted media, we talked about celebrities, we used other forums, but don’t forget the real asset of any blog, the powerful users. Write a blog post listing the top power users on a particular social bookmarking site, and also encourage and learn more about your followers’ networks, this will lead to more backlinks and traffic.

84. Write Ranking posts:

As you must have seen in this website, we have presented many ranking posts in which top ranking are posted like Top 10 richest people of America, people find it interesting always. Create a post that ranks people/things/place, and choose interesting topics that attract people.

85. Advertise on stumbleupon ads:

It’s a good practice and has favored a lot of professional bloggers to advertise your website using stumbleupon ads. There are great possibilities that the more people will like your ad, and you will ultimately get a good Traffic to your way.

86. Release a free e-book:

Build free-books and link your website as a resource in it!

87. Create free CSS templates:

Be creative and show your creation to the entire world. Submit them to CSS directories while linking back to your blog.

88. Get your blog showcased:

Customize your blog design under a great framework and ask the developers to showcase your blog in their gallery.

89. start a traffic contest:

Attract people by offering them to take part in the traffic sending contests and award price money to the toppers.

90. Create podcasts:

You can also create several great podcasts and submit it to itunes, with a link back to your blog. This can also bring you a considerable amount of traffic.

91. Attractive Front Page:

Always try to give the best outlook to your frontpage of the website. This is simple to understand with an example of decorating your drawing room to place a good impact about you and your house on the guests. The better the interface will be, more the traffic will be attracted.

92. Your Facebook Fan page:

Always create a facebook fan page for your blog; this will greatly increase your traffic.

93. Keyword Research:

Always do keyword researches before writing your posts, people miss a lot of their potential search engine traffics because of this!

94. Mobile phone compatibility:

These days many people only browse from their mobile phones, therefore cover them as well by creating a mobile version of your blog.

95.iPhone App for your website:

No one can deny the power of iPhone, but it’s wiser to control its power to your benefit. Create an iPhone app for your website. This will give you a good ranking as well as will make your blog/website more desirable.

96. Build a keyword-rich squidoo lens for your blog


97. Build a keyword-rich hubpages hub for your blog


98. Use Google Groups:

Actively participate on groups like Google groups.

99. Always create infographics:

Pictures speak better than words ever can! Always remember this philosophy and create graphics that support your point and make it easier for the reader to understand after visualizing that what actually you are trying to prove. If you see our posts, we always try to create the best infographics and include that in introduction. Sharing my experience here, I would like to tell that I spend around 2 hours in thinking, framing, finding, editing and then creating an image that speaks about my topic which is unique, and totally my creation. This gives extra weight to the post ranks

100. Include your blog in your Business card:

Although many people overlook such techniques, yet they somehow become the most effective ones. Always include your blog address on your business cards.

This brings us to the end of our topic, I really hope that you followed up the post that was presented in two parts.

Do share your views and also add up your experiences too,

Best wishes,

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