10 Worst Trained Armies in the World

United-States-of-America.jpgAn army of any country is responsible to safeguard the citizens of the nation by putting their own lives on stake. Probably this is one the foremost reasons why investing in the training of army is essentially an important task for countries. If you have been looking for the worst trained armies in the world as per the statistics revealed in 2014, you have been at the right place.

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10. Botswana

Botswana Worst Trained Armies in the World

Formed in 1977, Botswana defense forces is among the worst armies of the world with only 8 thousand personnel working whose major reason is no supply of high tech equipments and the fact that government only focused on alleviating the poverty from country rather than making the defense strong.

09. Great Britain

Great Britain Worst Trained Armies in the World

The military is not able to beat anyone in the war and the sole reason might be the lack of new equipments and the presence of most overrated commandos ever.

08. Liberia

Liberia Worst Trained Armies in the World

There are less than 1800 personnel currently on the exertion and is among the worst militaries in the world because of it demobilization after the second civil war and the process of being reformed has not been achieved yet completely.

07. Sierre Leone

Sierre Leone Worst Trained Armies in the World

There are only 1700 active personnel in the armed forces of Sierre Leone and has access to just very limited modern weaponry and the only equipments for the use present are second hand imported goods.

06. Tanzania

Tanzania Worst Trained Armies in the World

Set up in September 1964, they always had their differences with the colonial armed forces which are why only 2700 personnel are active workers and got very little amount of equipments for the security purposes.

05. Malawi

Malawi Worst Trained Armies in the World

With only 2500 active personnel Malawi army forces are among the worst armies in the world and the major reason behind this fact is their negligible navy forces and zero sizeable military craft.

04. Chad

Chad Worst Trained Armies in the World

Founded in 1960, military forces of Chad has only 30,350 personnel currently active and only three hundred million dollars is the estimated budget for the Chad military.

03. United States of America

USA Worst Trained Armies in the World

Although the United States of America military is huge in size but the fact that they have failed multiple times in World War II is he reason for their downcast.

02. Congo

Congo Worst Trained Armies in the World

There are only twenty thousand soldiers as active personnel and are over 60 years old and most of the equipments that the army uses are purely nonfunctional and non-operational because of no maintenance.

01. Somalia

Somalia Worst Trained Armies in the World

With only 20 thousand active personnel, Somalia has the worst military in the entire world because of tits unserviceable equipments and inability to secure their territorial integrity.

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  1. United State should be on number 1 in top 10 worst trained armies in terms of training, Look what happened with them in Vietnam. American soldiers have always been armed with the latest technologies and equipments but still they have not been able to show what they were supposed to show. Recently, In Iraq and Afghanistan they were beaten so badly. Frankly speaking Americans have a habit to engage into matters but they don’t know how to get rid of it. So we have a simple moral from the American history that You may attack in intoxication of power but You may not win till you have courage.

    • I think your mentally disabled is we had the third worst military in the world the whole county would’ve been taken over ages ago. So listen, if your not American cool if you are than you don’t appreciate the sacrifice of men and women of the u.s armed forces. You clearly know nothing about the military or world history so just say of this topic

    • I agree with Rich, I may not come from the USA (#UK) but i certainly respect and admire their soldiers just as much as I respect the British Army because they fight for the good of everyone (and I don’t see a distinct difference between a British and an American person anymore apart from the passport). If you had and self respect you would not slander them on the internet, implying they don’t have courage, have you experienced what they have been through, willing to give up their lives to sort out someone else’s problems while they turn around trying to harm them in anyway possible They have made so many sacrifices and all you can do is insult them across the internet it saddens me to know what people are like these days.

      • Heres a difference, the meaning of the word ‘football’. Haha, but seriously as an American veteran, I know im better trained than 90% of the worlds forces. I know because I have done numerous cross training and trainer programs. The only ones I looked up to were the Brits, Germans and the IDF. French legionaires too and the Dutch commandos, but those arent exactly regular units.

    • Elizabeth, you seem just as ignorant of military matters as the author. Tye military portion of Iraq and Afghanistan was a resounding success for coalition forces. Indeed, the bombing and lightning drive by the 3rd Infantry Division was one of the fastest advances in military history. I believe the fastest advance goes to 7 US Cavalry in Korea.

      The war in Iraq was lost by weak political leadership and directionless policy back home. Like Vietnam, the uncertainty and lack of understanding from our politicians lost us the war. Armies follow orders dictated by national policy, hence blaming an Army for bad decision making is like blaming a sports team because the coach is doing things wrong. The US has one of the better armies in the world, as do the Brits. We also have one of the worst governments (Bush and Obama) in the world. One idiot thought he was a cowboy, the others so confused im amazed he can remember his own name.

  2. There is no reason for us to spend more on the Military, High Tech equipment when we know we are a peaceful country. The reason why other countries spend more is that they are insecure! Try to fight us (Malawians) You will dissapear, our soldiers can transform into anything. You teach your Special Forces to persevere but our soldiers are taught how to transform themselves, they transform themselves into anything, trees, tanks, B3s, mountains, stones…

  3. I agree with most of these armies but the U.S are right now the best army in the world. They have some of the best special forces in the world. Then Great Britain may not be the best but they don’t deserve to be on this list same with America.

  4. This is literally the most poorly written article I’ve ever read. If you’re going to write something in English you should learn how to speak english. Really? America is 3rd from the bottom? How about the Netherlands with no tanks? Pakistan with little working equipment and heavy corruption? (For that matter every other african country.) How about the Lebanese who can’t even secure their own 500 sq foot country?

  5. This woman clearly knows nothing. The US and UK militaries are not the best but still certainly close, in fact the one on the UK sounds more like the hate comments on youtube rather than something any dignified person would say. Also military size does not mean a lot, New Zealand only has 6000 soldiers (If memory recalls) and I don’t think they are particularly weak, because they are well trained and educated (unlike the author of this article) like the US and the UK they do not need masses of soldiers

  6. Im not sure if this author is having a joke. The UK and US should not be here. I mean the US have one of the strongest militaries in the world and while the UK may not be the biggest the SAS are the best trained soldiers in the world better trained even then russian spetnaz and American Navy SEALS

  7. Badly written article with no real facts and clearly no understanding of military matters. One, the iraqi army is not mentioned and they are easily one of the worst in the world. The italians are also terrible as are the frenchies if you count out La Legion. The US has its problems but is still one of the best. Evidenced by their ability to inflict damage and the fact that many other militaries are eager to enter training partnerships with the USA. Similarly, the UK has some of the finest soldiers in the world. Im not sure if the author is ignorant of the Falklands War or just chose to selectively forget it. That would be the war where a carrier group and a few battalions of Brits whipped the Argentinians. Also, the author seems to forget the lightning drive to Baghdad and Kabul, which demonstrated to the world the scary effectiveness of US ground troops. To say the Army lost Vietnam or Iraq is inaccurate. Counter insurgency is a political war (hearts and minds). Decisions made in washington (disbanding the iraqi army, decisions to cut force deployment packages, etc) did far more to lose the war. Blaming the army is rather like blaming a college football team for not scoring when the coach orders them to throw hail marys every play.

  8. Also, I find it interesting how the author missed all the dismally bad Middle Eastern armies. You know, the ones that smoke hash, chew khat and routinely get kicked aroundby the Israelis. Lets talk about the syrians, who launch a massive armored attack and get the crap kicked out of them by two surprised Israeli Brigades. If you talk about ability to win wars, the Arab worlds track record with Israel Iis just about number one.

    The US Army is not the best, too large really. I would argue that best awards go to the Brits, Germans and Israelis. Germans are very well equipped and from personal experience very highly trained and disciplined.

  9. That picture used for the US military is not even of the US its the canadian army, and just because we failed a few times like every other army on the world does at one time or another

  10. LOL, what a delusional article. You’re obviously upset that the US has the best military and economy. What a terrible interpreter of reality you are, little Nida. This the only thing you crazy people excel in, propaganda.

    PS: If you want to be taken seriously by anyone other than internet dogs, I suggest purchasing MS Office and running a spelling and grammar check on your garbage before you post it.

    PPS: If it wasn’t for the American Military, your little propaganda platform (the internet) wouldn’t even exist, so show some damn respect.

  11. Lol what.. dude when i saw the UK i was like.. yeah this guy is retarded.. then i saw the US and now think you must be trollin

  12. So you are saying you would rather fight the US Army than the army from Sierra Leone. Even the picture you used is wrong. Those are Canadians.

  13. Well I highly disagree because The U.S. does not have a Crappy military in fact you should not compare Great Britain or the U.S. to any of these shit 3rd world countries which barley have standing military. If the U.S. has the 3rd worst trained army then how come we killed bin laden how come we supply countries in need of military support. The U.S. has the most technological advanced military in the world with advanced long range Missiles and ICBMs and your gonna compare us and England to countries without a freaking air force…ridiculous. I appreciate the sacrifices of the U.S. and UK men and women. This is complete bullshit this is just you geek ass nurds pulling shit from your ass join the U.S. Military and join the SF and you tell me then how shitty we are but until you get the balls to call out the US or UK go fuck yourselves geeks.

  14. You are a complete fucking idiot if you believe the US is the 3rd worst military in the world. The author is obviously a special needs cotton ball. The US could fuck up every country in the world in the morning and be home for dinner. In the famous words of the George W. Bush meme, “you tell those fuckers with the towels on their head, it’s laundry day and we’re bringing the Maytag.”

    • British, 9th. What the bloody hell is the author talking about, the worlds most overated cammandos Aswell. I mean come on, the longest, toughest, and most gruelling military training, outside the British SAS. And you call them underated.

      also, how can we be one of the worst in the world, when our RAF defended this Island against the german luftwather, which was around 200,000 strong. While we only had 2,000 planes. Plus defeat the argentinians in 6month, the SAS liberated the iranian embassy, with only 1 hostage dead, witch was killed before they even went in because demands were not met.

      We may not have the equipment, but atleast we improvise. The SAS is the best special forces in the world. And lets face it. After we defeated the argies (Argentinians), even the Russains had to rethink.

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