10 Worst Marketing Mistakes of Fiverr Users

sem-top-10-marketing-mistakes-made-by-fiverr-usersFiverr is a worldwide platform for all the money makers where you post gigs and buyers purchase them as per their work. However, there are a lot of people who make the biggest mistakes while marketing themselves and their work. Therefore, today, we are here to guide you through those areas where the Fiverr users make blunders. Let’s check out the 10 worst mistakes of Fiverr users!

1) Be honest on Fiverr

Honesty is the best policy! It is rightly said; once you start being deceitful about what you can and what you cannot do, you yourself mark your failure on Fiverr. Be honest about your skills and your level of expertise. Nothing can stay hidden for a long time and eventually you will earn a bad name for incomplete orders and incompetent tasks.

2) Do Not Waste Time

The sellers often go over the board in entertaining their clients which in turn causes troubles for them. Do not waste your time and their time as time is money. Rather than engaging with an unethical client, you can work for someone else. You do not have to answer everything what the buyer is asking. You may discuss the initial formalities and if you both find each other suitable then you must continue else there is no need to waste time and energy.

3) Easy Way Out

Nowadays, people are joining Fiverr to make easy money online. The sellers are eager to sell services which are either very saturated or no one needs them at all or they are too easy to be even considered a skill and then they wait up for the buyers to select them. By any luck, if they happen to get a gig, they run after speedy service instead of providing quality service. At times, the sellers are not even as good as they portray to be. Therefore, one should avoid being in a rush and take things gradually.

4) Introducing Yourself


A lot of people make a huge mistake while introducing themselves in plain words or text. There are several better ways of doing that such as using videos, images and much more. In this way, the buyer gets to know and see the person they are dealing with. This increases the level of satisfaction for the buyer and the chances of getting the task become higher. The more appealing and presentable you will be, the more people will be attracted towards you and then towards your work.

5) Improper Communication

The biggest mistake that any Fiverr user can make is while communicating. One should always communicate well with the clients and do not treat them as robots. You must answer all their queries and satisfy them as much as you can before accepting their work. Treat them like normal human beings and talk to them very nicely since all they can judge you from is the way you communicate with them. Communication plays a vital role in depicting who you are so be careful with that!

6) Low Quality Images

More than text, images are quite appealing. They explain things better than words. With the latest technologies and advancements each day, pictorial representation has strong footings in our online world. Therefore, the worst thing that you can do to yourself is upload low quality images on your account. This will depict your lack of professionalism and sincerity towards your work. Since this is the demand of this era, you must be efficiently selecting the images which depict your story.

7) Waiting for a Push

There are some people who do not treat working on Fiverr as a business. They think someone will come and dictate them about how things work and what needs to be done. There isn’t a to-do list or a guide about how you should begin. You just need to think of it as your own and jump into it. Get gigs which can be completed in the given time span and start working as soon as you can. Do not over burden yourself.

8) False Commitments

Another major mistake which the Fiverr users while marketing is that of making false commitments with the buyers. If you are selling something and you have a gig, you need to make sure that you complete the task. Taking up things which are not of your genre and then making excuses at the eleventh hour will only harm your reputation and your Fiverr account as you will receive a negative feedback on your profile. Hence, you will be cancelling your future orders yourself.

9) Start. Create. Socialize


After creating an account and posting a few gigs, you can’t just sit down and wait for the fairy god mother to move her magic wand and let things be your way. You need to sit up and take action. Share your gigs all over social media and let people know of your existence. You will have to show them your previous work and showcase your skills otherwise all your gigs will go unnoticed and will you be!

10) Believe

Lack of believe in what you are doing is another blunder that you do whenever you start something new. Don’t let the negativity dawn on you. Stay strong and be positive. These things take time; making a good will in online marketing isn’t a piece of cake. It takes a lot of time, energy, struggle and patience.

In nutshell, in order to succeed as a Fiverr user, you must avoid these mistakes and play wisely!

Stay blessed!

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