10 Worst Domains to Start Your Own Business With in 2014

Worst Domains to Start Your Own Business WithIt is really important to understand as a businessman or an entrepreneur that the profit from your business is totally dependent on the domain you have chosen. If you are planning to start a business of your own and still not sure about what niche to choose, it is a high time that you at least have an idea that what businesses are capable of generating some revenue for you. Here are 10 of the most worst domains to start your own business with, especially in 2014.

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Distribution business

Distribution business worst business to start as your own

With an increment in the ease of admittance to almost all the manufacturers and the enhancement in the abhorring of the middle man has started to have a great impact on this sort of business and thus now having a distribution business will only lead to business decline.

Ice-cream shop

Ice-cream shop worst business to start as your own

This business comes under having a saturated market business and also the one you should direct clear from because let us just not forget the fact that ice-creams and frozen yoghurt business will only thrive in the places with high temperatures and where there are enough niches for the success of the business.

Payphone booth company

Payphone booth company worst business to start as your own

Today everyone has a luxury called as cell phones and it is so important to have one these days that it has become a necessity and an accommodation of life which is why the concept of payphone booths is dying out really fast.

Magazine printing

Magazine Printing worst business to start as your own

In today’s world newspapers are struggling really hard and even the most famous magazines have now disappeared completely from the screen therefore this idea of having your own print magazine should be left with those with deep pockets.

Book shop

Book shop worst business to start as your own

With the growing trends of eBooks i.e. online books, the use of paper books is becoming slow and obsolete. If this is the case in the future, then one can know that having his own bookshop will fast become redundant and this is not good for having your own commerce.

Pet supply store

Pet supply store worst businesstostart as your own

For an individual person the idea of having the pet supply store is not feasible anymore until and unless the niche is densely populated.

Internet cafe

Internet cafe worst business to start as your own

Today, no one has to go to internet café in order to avail such services, almost everyone has acces to it therefore internet cafes are a thing of the past.

Video rental shop

Video rental shop worst business tostart as your own

This works the same way as the book shops and now people have access to their favorite videos and films online making this business less famous and productive.

Travel agency

Travel agency worst business to start as your own

With Almost everything available on the internet, from flight timings to hotel reservations people do not need travel agents to make the arrangements for them thus making this occupation less prolific and industrious.

Gift shop

Gift shop worst bsuiness to start as your own

Today’s economy is really besieged and so people are buying very less gifts for one another so unless you wish to make money around holiday time, having a gift shop is not such a great idea.


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  1. Hi Nida,
    Nice post. I never thought about starting business in any of these 10 domains. I agree with you that these domains are not profitable in 2014.
    Thanks for sharing.

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