10 Websites to Learn Cooking Online in 2014

Websites to learn cookingDo you want to have an expertise in cooking as a profession? Do you want to make people around you happy from making food of their choices? Do you keep in search of some new and delicious recipes to take a trial of your cooking and just have fun? If the answer is in affirmation then you have come to an absolutely relevant article. Here we have a list of world’s best online cooking websites that make you able to stand with your interest in cooking and to master your skills in this regard. You can find new mouthwatering recipes from all around the world to learn and be able to rescue your position as a chef confidently.

Food network

food network online

Food network is actually a wide network that provides you with a great number of recipes and all the categories of dishes from all around the world. It has been serving as an online learning cooking forum since 1995 and helps an amateur to be a professional one.

It has a segment that comprises of videos and tv schedules of cooking shows and different celebrity chefs’ guidelines to easy and delicious cooking.



Curious to know the facts about quick and delicious recipes from all around the world? epicurious brings you a wide collection of different recipes. It comprises of special meat and chicken recipes and also include the snacks kind of dishes to fulfill a motto of providing best learning in cooking professionally.



It provides you with professional as well as beginners’ cooking courses with five stages. There is a systematic scheme of making professional and learned chefs through recipes and methods from highly skilled chefs from different continents.

Learn to cook 101


Learn to cook, as the name indicates, is one of the best websites that helps general cooking lovers to achieve their aim in making a name in cooking profession. It has a wide range of categories that include recipes from different regions of the world and a systematic procedure to make these recipes learn by the users.

Online cooking

Online cooking is one best and happening websites in the list. It has a great many recipes section that comprises of a huge number of different delightful recipes. It also has sections like food for thought and science and nutrition that provides and guides to different nutrients based recipes and hygiene and health care is also considered.


cooking.com online

Want to spend your hours in learning to cook food? Yes here is a website that is all about cooking. A lot of recipes from professional chefs and cooking guidelines are awaited here for you. Once you get in, you would specialize in the field of cooking.

About.com food

If you want to specialize in making dishes from different continents of the world, you are welcomed here at about.com food. You can master in German, Chinese, Mexican, Indian , Italian and asian foods here.


Smartkitchen online cooking

This is a cooking forum that seems a lot more like a learning school for the students that owe a perfect and disciplinary guideline for cooking professionally. It has a perfect curriculum of teaching from step one that is simplest cooking to the final stage that is the more complex recipes from all around the world.



Recipielink provides you with plenty of recipes from all around the planet. It has one speciality that it provides tips and guidelines in regard with nutrition and hygiene. It provides knowledge about nutrition and safety of food for a variety of dishes.



All recipes is one best place to find different varieties of food and learn methods of cooking professionally with best and tasteful recipes. It includes dishes cooked in every corner of the world with easy, quick and reasonable recipes. Also, amateurs can learn a lot out of it.

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