10 Easy Ways To Make Money with Pinterest in 2013!


pinterest-money-makingHow to make money with ease is the burning question through out the internet. Everyone wants to know effective yet easy ways of money making. We have been discussing several ways from time to time and here goes another one! How to make money with Pinterest? Did you ever think of making money through Pinterest? Certainly not! So here we bring you some easy ways of using Pinterest and earning money. You will be amazed to find out!


Promote Products

With Pinterest, you can promote your products quite effectively. It offers you a great feature through which you can pin photos to your profile. This increases the amount of your daily viewers as people are more attracted to photographs than text. Through this social network, you can endorse all the products being advertised on your website or blog and maximum your sales and the number of faithful customers. Money making was not this easy in the past!

Back Links

Whenever you pin, a back link to your website is generated. When the customers click on your pin, the back link directs them to your website and increases the number of your viewers. Back links generate traffic for your website and provides you with more customers and more earnings.

Expand your Network

Money making requires thinking of innovative ways to be ahead of others. Here at Pinterest, you need to expand your network to make money differently. You should make yourself heard to a larger audience so that your photos get more and more pins. Pin and re-pin the contents shared by other people as much as you can and they will surely return back your favor, thereby increasing your audience and your chances of success. The wider network you have, the better it is.


Targeting the right audience is what matters the most at Pinterest. The type of audience and the type of your products must match each other. You must know what your audience is looking for and then spread your message accordingly if you really are keen about making money through Pinterest. According to the recent Pinterest statistics, the females are being targeted by most of the social networks as everyone knows their love for shopping. So if you choose the right channels and categories for your photos and address the right people, you can go a long way!

Be a Referrer

Another great thing about Pinterest is that it allows you to pin products from another networks you are an affiliate of. You will have to use your affiliate link in order to make money. There are websites which offers you affiliate links when you sign in such as ClickBank.com. Whenever your affiliate links will be clicked, you will be considered as reference to the actual link and you will get your commission for each purchase. To attract new customers, you will again have to use eye-catching photographs and pin all the products to your profile. Your profile must be impressive enough to catch your customers and your products must in sync with it.


Since Pinterest is a website, its Search Engine Optimization is plays a vital role. You need to have some known how about SEO techniques in order to be successful on Pinterest. You should provide the right description of your profile and photographs so that people can discover you easily. Your photos should have the name of your website and links so that the reference becomes vivid. You should use #tag before your keywords such as #food. This will increase your audience and coverage.

Market Analysis

Pinterest lets you see what others are up to and what is making them earn so much. You can do a market analysis and get an idea about the interests and needs of the audience. You can explore other websites and find out which photos are more popular and then target the right kind of audience with just the right products. This is an indirect channel of money making on Pinterest apart from previously defined direct channels.


Contests are another way of driving traffic towards your profile. A large number of people are attracted to contests and the reward being offered. This will help you in getting more pins and more recognition. You can launch a Pin to Win contest with a small reward for your publicity. You can introduce a new product, increase your popularity, make people familiar with your photographs and increase your audience just by applying slightly different tricks.

Gifts on Pinterest

Gifts is an option in Pinterest which shows the price of your product. Once you upload a pin, you mark it as a product and enter its price. When customers come across your product and decides to purchase it, they click on your product, go to your website and purchase it from there. This increases your sales and popularity.

Social Media

A great way to target larger audience is to integrate your Pinterest information with social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter. You can easily make your products visible to huge audience and spread your message all over your network. This is the most efficient way of attracting new customers.


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  1. Nice tips for making money with the help of Pinterest. It is really powerful for targeting audience specially in case Female related products. Recently, a person’s account was disabled by Pinterest because of targeting Audience, so everyone should be careful when using Pinterest for making money.
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