10 Richest Musicians who are not Alive

 Bon MarleyMusic has had been entertaining the music lovers since the its origin and the best part about this domain is that it do not only brings popularity and fame when you are alive, but also make people remember that you ever existed in the world. Here are 10 richest musicians who are not alive now but are still loved for their musical contributions in the world!

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1)Michael Jackson -$160 million

Michael Jackson

The dead pop soul is keeping his post-mortem cash crown through his two biggest shows Cirque du Soleil shows, recorded music sales, outrageous Mijac Music catalogue and of no doubt from his ATV/Sony publishing empire. He is currently the highest earning silent celebrity, making up $160 million in the last 12 months after his death and it’s mainly because the artist new record deal with the Sony Music which would extend until 2017. Apart from all those $429 million sales of his songs, right after his death a sudden flux of ringtone sales in the United States generated a total sales copied of $1.5 million, meanwhile its global ringtone sales are estimated to be 3 million. The MJ Inc is still on the way of keeping straight on top by generating money from digital performance royalties and subscription services.

2)Elvis Presley- $55 million

Elvis Presley

Even after 36 since his heart beat for the last time in 1977, he still manages to stay second in the richest dead list though some indications suggest that there are fewer and fewer people with firsthand memories of the King of Rock n Rollin action are around. But again somewhere, in some other city, it has taken a hit, so he always manages to enroll in the bulk of money, this time he got lucky with his shows in Sin City. He was topping the charts for more than 30 years and on his well handled estate launched a number of ventures last year including Elvis Sirius Satellite Radio show and an expansion on the Graceland Museum.

3)Bob Marley- $18 million

Bon Marley

Bob Marley died of cancer however, money and fame still came  in his directions, even after his death. Currently last years sales on headphones lineage and other brands on his name annually earned $18 million thus keeping him among top earning dead celebrities. He’s one of the hit “One love” still earning steadily after his untimely death by rare cancer. There is a beverage company with his name too.

4)Marilyn Monroe- $27 million

Marilyn Monroe

With her beautiful looks and sweet voice she swept millions of hearts with many songs however the world wasn’t lucky enough to have her for long, and she died at the age of 36 because of drug overdose. Currently, all the leading brands are using her face and name to sell their products that includes Chanel no 5 face model, Macys store model and yes there are many cafes and spas popped up after her death to pay tribute to undying legacy of the legend.

5)John Lennon- $12 million

John Lennon

Critics have always thought little of ‘Lennon’ the short lived Broadway musical based on the life and times of ex-Beatle. Apart from the paucity of actual Beatles,there is still intense interest in his work by his fans. The envelope on which he penned the lyrics to ‘Give Peace a Chance’ in 1969 is expected to fetch more than $250,000 in a November auction.

6)Jenni Rivera- $7 million

Mexico Jenni Rivera

She is among top earning dead musicians for the reason that the world lost her in a plane crash however her legacy lived. Nearly the same amount of records were sold after her death to the amount she had in her life,which means her die hard fans paid a tribute to her for the unbearable lost they had. She also wrote an autobiography dubbed with name Unbreakable. In total she earned around $7 million after her sudden death.

7)Johnny Cash- $7 million

Johnny Cash

One of the voices that are hard to ignore was a country icon who was famous for his distinctive bass baritone voice, singing and composing extensively popular songs in rock n roll, blues, folk and gospel. Many of his songs echoed themes of moral tribulation, sorrows and redemption, which are still enrolling the bulk of money to him.

8)Irvin Berlin- $7 million

Irvin Berlin

Though he hardly knows how to play piano or read music beyond a rudimentary level, but his descriptions about jazz to classic pop tunes still fantasize students to learn the art from him. Hi repertoire defined much of 20 century American music, from musicals to Pop tunes and jazz standard. His music box theater and his enormous publishing royalties are still drawing the sufficient to land him to the list.

9) Ray Charles- $6 million

Ray Charles

He was an American singer, songwriter and composer too and most important and famous and successful musician. He was considered to be pioneer to be in soul music during 1950s. His main source of income after his death is his empire of estates under his name which gave him a humongous amount of fortune during and after his career. He was 83 years old when he died.  He was presented many music awards and his voice and work will never fade in hall of fame.

10)George Harrison- $5.5 million

George Harrison

He was an English singer, songwriter and musician and most important of all he still lives in a million hearts of his fans. His legacy never ended even after his death and so is his earning. He is inducted into the hall of fame in the music industry and in 2002 on his first death anniversary a concert in his name was arranged and all the funding went to his charity fund and family. When George died he left 100 million sterling pounds in his will.

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