10 Richest Bollywood Singers Of 2014

richest bollywood singers“Music is the food of the soul”, we often hear this line regarding music. What actually make this statement justified are the soulful and mesmerizing voices of the singers who take the souls of the listeners to some other world and they feel to be in a trance. Bollywood music industry has reached to such a high level that it influences the fortune of the movies to become a hit or a flop. There are many latest singers who earn their fortunes through Bollywood industry and takes it to some other level of success. Here is a list of richest Bollywood singers in 2014.

Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh Richest Bollywood Singers

Considering one of the most sensational and catchy voice of Bollywood, Arijit Singh comes in the list of richest singers of Bollywood in 2014 survey. With a great many back to back hits, Arijit singh remains in the limelight nowadays and making his fans awaited for his new track desperately. The magical voice of Arijit Singh has earned him a lot of fame as well as wealth that now he takes around 13 lac Indian rupees for one movie song.

He actually started his singing career with a reality TV contest and came up with many beautiful and outstanding hits that are ‘tum hi ho’ ,‘dua’ and many others.

Honey Singh

Honey Singh Richest Bollywood Singers

Looking for a combination of desi, bhangra and rap? You don’t have to go far but Bollywood now has one of the perfect desi rapper known as Honey Singh. He just entered the Bollywood industry and became popular massively specially among his Punjabi fans. His unique way of rapping makes him earn his fortune effectively. People go crazy and wait for his new songs. He clicked songs like 4 bottle vodka. Blue eyes which turns his fans on every time they listen to it.

Mika singh

Mika-Singh Richest Bollywood Singers

One of the unique and one its own kind voices include Mika Singh’s. today there is no film in Bollywood without his song. When it comes to Punjabi beats and desi fast music he is the first name that comes in our mind. His sharp and different tone captures the mind of his crazy fans who want him to sing for them forever. The second highest paid singer in India today demands around 11 lac Indian rupees for one movie song.

Sunidhi Chauhan

Sunidi Chauhan Richest Bollywood Singers

The most gorgeous and the most talented, Sunidhi Chauhan appears in the list of richest singers of Bollywood in 2014. That is quite obvious from her phenomenal and breathtaking singing that makes her famous not only in India but also at an international level. Nowadays she is the queen of Bollywood singing figures and throws consecutive hits in almost all prominent movies. Her energetic style of singing makes her sing songs like ‘dhoom macha le’ that actually create dhoom in the list of her songs.

She earns 9 lac Indian ruoees for one movie song.

Pritam Chakarborty

Pritam Chakarborty Richest Bollywood Singers

Pritam Chakraborty is a singer and music composer with his many popular movies and songs created and sung by himself. He is one of the most happening composers of today’s bollywood music and demands 25 lacs Indian rupees for one movie song. According to one of researches, his yearly earnings are 20 crore Indian rupees.

Shreya Ghoshal

Shreya-Ghoshal Richest Bollywood Singers

The melodious and mesmerizing voice of Bollywood music industry, Shreya Ghoshal, does not require any introduction since she has got guts to prove herself in her profession of singing. She masters her talent and expected to gain the fame as Lata Mangheshkar. Her magical voice knows to handle the ups and downs of every kind of music such as classical, light, pop and other genres of music.

She has covered the path to progress in a very less time and has now become the number one choice of music directors to sing in their movies. She demands an amount of 7 lacs Indian rupees for one movie song. There is a huge list of exceptionally beautiful songs sung by shreya which includes ‘beri piya’, ‘dhoom tana’ and ‘sun raha hai’ .

Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam Richest Bollywood Singers

Behold! We have our next richest Bollywood singer named as Atif Aslam, a name beating in the hearts of music fans. He started his musical career in Pakistan and gained huge popularity specially among youth. From his greatest hit ‘aadat’ to all his Bollywood film songs, he has proven himself to be one of the best and the most versatile singers of today. He demands 7.5 lac Indian rupees per movie song.

Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam Richest Bollywood Singers

The king of Bollywood music of all times, yes! None other than Sonu Nigam we have in our list. One can simply not compare his power and potential of singing with other. He took Indian music to such a great level that reminded people of ‘Muhammad Rafi’. He gave countless megahits and became apple of eye of his followers. He is also internationally renowned singer and has come up with many concerts in different countries. He might not be seen frequently nowadays but he still takes 5.5 lacs Indian rupees for a movie song.

Sukhwinder Singh

Sukhwinder SIngh Richest Bollywood Singers

When it comes to the most experienced, senior and polished voices in the Bollywood music industry, we can not neglect Sukhwinder Singh. He is now rarely found to be in the charts of latest songs but his voice has a mantra every time he comes up with his new song. He has an effective and powerful voice that influences the theme and rhythm of the song and makes it a hit. Sukhwinder singh now demands 4 lacs Indian rupees for one movie song.

Mohit Chauhan

Mohit Chauhan Richest Bollywood Singers

Last but not the least, we have Mohit Chauhan in the list of richest Bollywood singers. What makes him rich is his soulful and unique voice for which his fans have to wait for huge time because he sings less but whenever he does, it turns to be the best of the time. He is one of the most demanded singers of today and has become first choice of the directors after his fabulous work in ‘Rockstar’.

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