10 Reasons Why You Should Not Make Money Online

Evclip_image020.jpgerybody in this cosmopolitan world wants to make money and it seems to be one of the greatest aims of people’s life. Making money by different techniques and procedures include the world’s biggest and rising online markets where you can make easy online money. Trend of doing business has been changed in the previous days and it has been shifted to ecommerce where every business deal and marketing is done online through different websites. But all these online methods of making money are not always beneficial. There are number of reasons that compel you to not make money online. Here is a list of reasons why one should not make money online.

1. Isolation

Unlike other usual jobs such as 9 to 5 office jobs, online jobs do not let us create a social circle and interact with other members of society. We are isolated in a room with our pcs or systems on which we are working and can not make healthy interactions with the society which is meant to be one of the most significant factors of doing job and earning money.

2. Disturbed routine

While working online, you are never in a condition or state to get relaxed. There is always something on your head, pending online projects and deals. You are always busy and people around you like your family and friends start calling you a workaholic. When these things start happening, you must be alert that you have now started becoming a victim of online money making insect and you cant easily get rid of it.

3. Over ambition

Once you get started with making money online, it becomes very difficult to get rid of it. The joy and glory of earning easy money online from home gives a pleasure to the workers and eventually they become addicted to it. In the race of earning more and more money, they become over ambitious and try all possible methods to earn the maximum money they can do.

4. Communication skills

When you start a business or setup a market, the first thing that comes in our mind is to promote and to make people acknowledged of your name and product. The best way out is to speak well and communicate with the customers in accordance with their area of interest. You can manage convincing people with your communication skill which is one of the biggest disadvantages of online business and marketing. Your speaking power and public dealing is also an art that cannot get a platform when you decide to earn online.

5. Addiction to social websites

As much time you spend on making money online on different social websites, you start getting addicted to it. The addiction catches up such an extent that it becomes very hard to take some time out of social media exposures. You will always remain busy in search of a venue that calls you up for making money. You are compelled to waste your time deliberately on these sites.

6. Chance of Fraud

Since the online business market has grown up to a large extent and still its in the process of growing up, there are also some unauthenticated companies which make the most of this phenomenon and cheats through different websites. Out of thousands of websites for online money making, one cannot easily make a judgment between which one is legal and which one is a fraud. People can cheat in a number of ways because there is no chance of being apprehended in this process

7. Privacy and security

As a matter of fact, the online working companies hire many employees from all around the world to get their tasks accomplished on time and with expertise. That involves a great risk of security and privacy leakage. Some of highly confidential documents, files or projects are being shared from one end of the corner to the other and this makes its privacy weaker.

8. Money transaction

The one associated with the online money making and business must be well aware of the issues regarding the transaction of money. All the online workers have some common issues that they are unable to get their money transacted properly with the method provided by the company. It makes a state of distrust and confusion among the workers and they become reluctant to serve more.

9. Health point of view

People who are willing to earn online and have a charm to do online jobs should have an idea that it makes you completely unconscious of your health. The daily routine entirely gets upside down and you walk in a completely opposite direction as compare to the world. When you start becoming addicted to it, you seem to others as an alien and you stop caring about yourself. All what you care about becomes MONEY.

10. Lack of freedom

All the online workers! hats off to you for sacrificing the freedom and getting indulged with the 24/7 online job service. You just enter the online job market and you become a 24/7 employee of the company. There is always an ongoing project or an assignment that has to be completed at that very moment. You stay at your home or anywhere in the world you are supposed to get done with it.

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