10 Reasons Why India Loves Afghan People

The people of Afghanistan are no doubt v10 India Loves Afghan Peopleery loyal and honest with their friends and associates, which is why all afghan people love India and its citizens as well. Indians, has always been so supportive of Afghanistan and has also shared many historical moments with them, which is why their bond is inseparable. Ten reasons why India loves afghan people are as mentioned below!

Afghan people are victims of Taliban

afghan-people-are-victims-of-talibanAfter the attacks of Taliban in Afghanistan, India sponsored the upheaval caused by them and became the leading regional benefactor of philanthropic and modernization aid to Afghanistan for which the people here will always be grateful to them.

Construction projects in Afghanistan


Indians are employed in numerous construction ventures in Afghanistan as part of India’s revolution efforts. Pakistan declares the Indian intellect organization RAW is at work in cover to destruct Pakistan and train and fund rioters in the state but their claim has never been proved.

Brotherhood after bombing of Indian embassy


In the consequences of the 2008 Indian embassy blasts and bombings that occurred in Kabul, the Afghan Foreign Ministry cited India as a brother country and also state that the association between these two countries should be looked as one which no opponent can obstruct easily.

Gallup poll


Conferring to a 2010 Gallup poll which questioned 1000 individuals, 50% Afghans sanctioned the job routine of India’s governance, 44% criticized with 6% declining to answer. According to this investigation, Afghans are more probable to favor India’s control than Chinese or U.S. headship.

Indus Valley Civilization


Considerable portion of Afghanistan has been prejudiced by Buddhist, Hindu and Zoroastrian humanities until the advent of Islam during the 7th century. But in spite of the fact that Afghans did accept the message of Islam, the Muslims and Hindus are still living side by side.

India’s collaborative projects in Afghanistan


India’s provision and partnership covers the upgrading of air links, power plants and financing in health and schooling sectors as well as assistance to train Afghan civil domestics, representatives and police. India also pursues the growth of supply lines of electrical energy, oil and natural gas.

Afghans trust India

Afghan people trust India more than Pakistan or any other neighboring country. It is because New Delhi is making noteworthy investments in developing ventures in the war-torn state as declared by the former high-ranked Indian representative.

Salma Dam8-salma-dam

It is the Afghan-India Friendship Dam and is a hydroelectric and irrigation dam venture situated on the Hari River in Chishti Sharif Area of Herat Province in western Afghanistan. It has now been renamed to Afghan-India Friendship Dam by cabinet of Afghanistan.

Afghan refugees in India

Afghan migrants in India are a community that adds up to up to 10,000 approximately. Most are new Hindu and Sikh emigrants who has absconded the Taliban government and political insecurity in Afghanistan; they are mainly living around Delhi.

Indian Pashtun descent

There are many Indian Pashtuns living in Afghanistan which is why all sympathies of India are with them. A lot of such people have migrated to India after which the government has given them good places to live with all the necessary lodgings.

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