10 Popular Websites To Find Jobs in Dubai

job websites in DubaiOver the past few decades, Dubai, which was once a barren desert land, has been transformed into one of the world’s largest economic hubs. The secret to this boom is the large reserves of petroleum (oil and gas) buried under the seemingly useless desert soil. These reserves have helped convert the sand dunes into some of the tallest sky-scrappers in the world. As a result, Dubai is now the center of tourist attraction, has become a major shopping hub.

As a result of this economic boom, countless employment opportunities have sprung up for people around the world. Dubai sees a huge in flow of immigrants every year looking for employment. So the opportunities are countless. If you are looking for employment, there are many websites that list jobs in Dubai. Here are the top 10 such job websites in Dubai you can try your hands on.

There are actually lots and lots of job listing websites for Dubai. But a lot of them are either spam, outdated, or fake. The problem is, since a lot of people are looking for jobs in Dubai, business minded people have sprung up websites to capture all that targeted audience. As a result, many such websites have grabbed the opportunity and are earning through ads, since a lot of people are visiting these website. The website owners aren’t much concerned whether the jobs are old or fake. They just want the traffic flowing. You should steer clear of such websites. We have hand-picked some of the best websites for you which will genuinely help you get a job. So here goes;

1. Bayt

Bayt isn’t limited to Dubai. In fact, this website claims to be “The Middle East’s # 1 job site”. It covers the entire Mid-East and North African region. Over 20,000 employers are currently looking for recruits in Dubai. The website is free for job seekers. Interface is easy to use, and there are plenty of job searching options. You can create a CV, and submit it to employers. Other standard job website features are available like resume building, job alerts etc. The reason this site is on the top spot is because of the sheer number of job seekers and jobs on it. It claims there are more than 1.5 million job seekers on the website. And many have found jobs here.


2. Monster Gulf

Monster is one of the biggest international job seeking portal. And Monster Gulf is the Gulf region branch of the company. It has some of the best features available to you as a job seeker, and you have excellent job opportunities with Monster Gulf.


3. Gulf Talent

Another great website. It has one of the best user interfaces, and provides most of features needed in a job seeking website. Admittedly, the head hunting is a little strict. But it provides some of the best jobs in the country. Here is a chance to show your talents and brighten your future.


4. Naukri Gulf

If employers ask for a fee during the hiring process, it’s a fraud. Yet, it won’t hurt if you post and spread your CV around job sites, though.


5. Dubizzle

Great website for jobs in UAE. It has thousands of registered recruiters who are willing to employ professionals.


6. CareerJet Dubai

Does it look familiar? I’ve frequently consulted careerjet.ph before, I just came to know it has its AE version. Worth checking.


7. Khaleej Times

Save a penny by checking out Khaleej Times Appointment section online. Whether skilled, technical or professional jobs, this online job site has something for you.

Khaleej Times

8. GulfNewsJobs

 The online version of Gulf Newspaper’s job section. I’ve used this site quite a lot while I was looking for any job to get me an employment and residence visa. I got at least one call for an interview every day, then. The key is to ask directly about the salary, to weed out the cheapskates.


9. TheEmiratesNetwork Jobs

their FAQs say they are not a recruitment agency. You register, upload your CV and/or apply for jobs advertised on TEN jobs (can view without registering). No Terms of Use page obvious, presumably there’s no charges for job-seekers. Job vacancies are posted by companies and recruitment agencies who pay about 35 dhs – 60 dhs per job posting. They announced a tie-up with Clarendon Parker Middle East (CPME) in July 2007. CPME seems to be one of the better recruitment agencies in Dubai.


10. Nadia

Always amazed by the huge salaries offered to job-seekers, Nadia never slipped my memory. Little do job surfers know, Nadia is not just a part of daily Gulf newspapers Appointment page, but also an active job site itself. It has a downside though: most offers were for Arabic-speaking job-hunters.


That was our top 10 job website list for Dubai. Hope you gained something from this list. If there is a problem with any of these websites, let us know! We’ll review them again and strike them off the list if need be. Good luck 🙂

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