10 Most Popular Online Businesses in India in 2014

online businessWhether it’s going to be your second investment or a new one, finding a right business plan to invest or start is crucial, when you are not properly aware of the risk factors and survival rate. Many successful business owners have started out small, and then branched out to evolve into million dollar enterprises. The key to a perfect business plan is a perfect idea, and any idea can be worth billions of dollars if you are sincere. Here are a few ideas which you would like to get started with once you review the market and consumer demand. Enjoy reading the top business ideas 2014 for naïve entrepreneurs and figure out what would work best in your unique situation.

1)Editing – Increase in demand

Editing Online Business

Nowadays, many people are good at locating and tracking grammatical and spelling errors and they love to spoil writing. Do a little homework, find the writing sites and leave your ads out there, mentioning your little services about proofreading. Don’t just sit and wait, go and hunt for people looking for individuals who are ready to pay anything if you could proofread and edit their articles on time.

2)Virtual Assistance – Demand could never fade

Virtual Assistance online business

Most of the people can’t skip their houses but they still got many hours to kill at home, why not to bring out some extra bucks simply by managing a few appointments and meetings on the call and not even in person. Virtual assistance is highly in demand to in line the crazy schedule.

3)Healthcare Consulting – Heaven in Emergency

Healthcare consulting online business

Everyone can’t make up to hospitals on right timings, especially if its an acute situation and in such cases online doctors is highly in demand. Your online assessment and management will give them enough time to bring the patient to tertiary care. Set your online appointments and see your patient from anywhere. Let them, visit yours for free for couples of times so next time when you charge them anything they should realize its worth giving, this will help you gain trust and raise more patients.

4)Freelance Writing

Freelancing online business

Creating a blog isn’t a tough job, but maintaining for years isn’t easy to tackle. Many authors even bloggers are constantly looking for writers who could silently write to them without claiming for their writing, don’t worry you will get paid accordingly. Writing for a couple of hours a day is highly increasing in demand because it’s a definite way to have handsome cash immediately.

5)Online Store- An Affiliate store

affiliate stores online business

You don’t need to be a big retailer to have a store. Either you sell in person or use a drop shipping service, all what you need is a website and a right e-commerce software to get started as a third party. Either sell your own or items from different suppliers. Amazon is one of the most popular affiliate programs and there are 1000 more you can affiliate with: you can expect commission of 5-25% in reality.

6)Translator- A growing need

translator online business

No doubt the global market place encompasses every border on this planet and so the cross cultural communication is creating a growing need for translators. Charge your hourly based services to travelers, business people, students or anyone ever need to understand your language any time they want. You will defiantly end up finding no free slots for the next coming week then.

7)Selling photos

Selling photos oline business

If you are a social bee or reported any accident or a party, do not hesitate to reach out the participants or the news channels to let them know you got the best shot and offer your price. Or you can upload your photos on any of the sites like Steve Digicams or fototimes to inline your photos for sale.

8)Mentor and Train

Mentor and Train online business

Perhaps there could be many things you could teach. It could be a language, marketing, training, help improving writing skills and many more. There are hundreds of skills that you can teach over the internet, especially when services like Skype is free.


Blogging online business

The blogging and writing sphere is huge and so you can capitalize on that fact. A good and genuine post can get you a traffic, and with traffic travels the money, which can help you make money via Adsense, selling banner advertisements, affiliations or by offering premium services. Here is an inspiring story for you to get started, TechCrunch, it’s a popular blog that makes a reported $200,000 per month. There is money defiantly to be made by blogging.

10)Web designing

Web designing onlie business

Nearly every business needs an online coverage and a good website coming to their way within a few weeks by you will definitely lend you more clients. Even companies who have web sites are looking to make sure that their looks bigger and better than the competition. Build up your skills and if you already have refined tactics just put them in action by signing up to freelance sites to build up your portfolio.

Enjoy earning.

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  1. Making money online especially in India is a dream come true for most people (specially college students). It’s always a great idea to use your time to make money rather than wasting on social media sites on chatting.

    I personally suggest anyone with a limited skills to try freelancing (writing, logo design etc). And start a blog to market your freelance portfolio. This instantly gives you an edge to start making quick money! Great artcile btw.

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