10 Popular Car Companies with High Market-Value

popular car companiesIt might be difficult decision to take when it comes to choosing a right vehicle for yourself and even the feedbacks given by different brand users are not satisfactory. If you have some decent amount to spend in getting a hold of a good motor, you really need to think at least thrice before investing your money. To make things easier for you, here are 10 Popular Car Companies  which are enjoying a universal recognition for the quality they provide and in return of their durability and features, they are enjoying good market value too.

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Headquarter in: Dearborn, MI, United States of America.

Owner: Henry Ford

Masterpiece: Focus and Fiesta

Since: June 16, 1903


Perhaps they are popular for icons like F-series line sports cars they are still in search of producing a clever car packed with potential and blended with eco-boost technology and Ford racing masterpieces collections. Their focus is beyond the bestselling car in America so basically they look for room of inventions and updates. Ford is soon coming up in 2015 with a revolutionary aluminum body master piece, F-150 which is completely different from all of its predecessors.


Headquarter in: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Owner: Soichiro Honda, Takeo Fujisawa

Masterpiece: Civic

Since: September 24, 1948


The Japanese father of automobiles and motorcycles, marine motors and Acura cars, a multinational corporation has been producing hybrids like Civic that has gone beyond demand on the globe. Their products like Odyssey, Accord and CR-V have occupied positions in few of ten best family cars of 2013. They are raising competitors and with manufacturers like Hyundai and its Elantra, Honda watching its lead evaporate these days as civic is no more on the top of the list.


Headquarter in: Aubum Hill, Michigan, U.S

Owner: John Francis Dodge, Horace Elgin Dodge

Masterpiece: Charger Daytona

Since: 1900


Let them built what you want, your own minivan, and avenger, sedan or crossover vehicle. The Chrysler Group LLC brought you the most running grand caravans, minivans to your journey. A distinct lack of new cars and vans means that Dodge future is starting to look somewhat shaky. They have recently lost three high volume models, avengers is one of them, will they survive the tough blow or not, only time will tell.


Headquarter in: Toyota, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

Owner: Kiichiro Toyoda

Masterpiece: RAV 4

Since: August 28, 1937

The people’s choice is the most acceptable and cost effective productive company giving out minivans, trucks and everlasting hybrid cars running on roads, is actually the 11th largest company in the world and the third largest automobile manufacturer. The company has come up with a historical revolutionary car, RAV 4 again with enhance eco-boost technology and equipment specification. Certainly you do not wish to miss its upcoming 2014 Highlander for your family.


Headquarter in: Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Owner: Franz Josef Popp, Karl Rapp

Masterpieces: M3, M5, X6 M, X5 M and 1M Coupe

Since: March 7, 1916


The name that inspires everyone on the globe with brilliant engines and dynamics, actually enjoy selling the most expensive cars in the world. The luxurious sports cars deliver the best of worlds in a package that no other company can manage to squeeze in. Its recent upcoming Model S, BMW is rolling out the sporty i8 hybrid electric cope to go after high rollers, but seems like Tesla i3 the new electric car is soon going to evaporate i8 lead. Let’s wait and watch the hybrid fight.


Headquarter in: Yokohama, KNG, Japan

Owner: Yoshiusuke Aikawa

Masterpiece: 2009 Nissan GT-R

Since: 1932


The Japanese multinational automaker is the sixth largest automaker and is seriously underrated brand in the world and mainly marketed vehicles under the ‘Datsun’ brand. The company manufactures casual and also wide range of luxury models branded as infinity.


Headquarter in: Wolfsburg, Germany

Manufacture/owner: Ferdinand Porsche, Robert Ley, Ivan Hirst, Heinrich Nordhoff

Masterpiece: Phaeton & Touareg

Since: 1937


The company sticks to the rule, live the originality! The third largest automaker of the world is walking out of Wolfsburg and is a choice of rich people! The 2016 upcoming Germany’s Volkswagen’s Bentley, the first sport vehicle, is billed as a world’s most expensive SUV, let see whether it could unsettle automobile pursuits or not.


Headquarter in: Stuttgart, Germany

Owner: Karl Benz

Masterpiece: Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Since: 1886


It is a German brand that makes the whole tradition of combining luxury with performance across the full line of roadsters, SUVs, sedans and more. Mercedes Benz legend tangible to everyone, they are sticking to the slogan, the best or the nothing. Soon you will find golfers cruising links in the upcoming luxury visionary Golf cart.


Headquarter in: Japan

Owner: Chikuhei Nakajima

Masterpiece: BRZ, Libero

Since: 1954


The fourth largest engine manufacturers and 26th biggest automaker by production worldwide are among the most demanding ones on road due to efficacy, efficiency and for its use of the boxer engine. It claims to produce environmental friendly cars. They won 2013 vehicle dynamic international award for its leading role in engine development.


Headquarter in: AKI-GUN, HRS, Japan

Owner: Jujiro Matsuda

Masterpiece: Mazda MX-5 Miata

Since: January 1920


It is the company that cares about alternative energy fuel to move a car. The fifteenth largest automaker company has conducted research in hydrogen powered vehicle for several decades; the vehicle is still under limited trials.

Enjoy your safe luxurious journey with them.

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