10 Places To Celebrate Christmas Nationally In 2017


Christmas is one of the biggest and mega events not only for those belonging to Christianity but all over the world. One can easily feel the difference when December is near. The air and climate fills with a trance of love, affection and happiness. Christians who put a firm belief on the concept that 25th December is the day when Jesus Christ was born and consider him the beloved son of God. If we put a check on countries where Christianity is predominant religion or officially practiced religion then we can find that their way of expressing love and respect to their occasion is entirely unique and phenomenal. There are countries where Christmas is celebrated nationally because of the majority of the population being Christians. Given are ten best places to celebrate Christmas nationally in 2017 this year and getting official holidays to enjoy at your level best.

10. The Netherlands


Netherlands being one of the beautiful countries make it possible to be best in Christmas festivities. 90% of the population here belongs to Christianity hence Christmas becomes a national ceremony and is warmly celebrated nationwide. People of Netherlands start celebrations from the very beginning of December. They celebrate 5th November as St. Nicholas eve. Incepting from 5th, they get busy in preparation for 25th December that is Christmas Eve.

9. France


France also appears on the list of countries where celebrations of Christmas are done on national level. Celebration is not only confined to the day of Christmas but entire month is so full of excitement. Beautifully lit churches and cathedrals ring out beautifully with church bells and the whole nation becomes one with a spirit of unity and praising their beloved Christ.

8. Mexico


In Mexico, Christmas celebrations start from 12th of December and lasts first week of January. The main celebration in Mexico regarding Christmas is known as La Posada which is a religious procession. In this procession, there is a reenactment of Joseph and Mary looking for shelter before birth of Jesus. All over the country, there is a flood of bakery items of all kinds, lighting and parties.

7. Iceland


Iceland comes up with some peculiar factors when we talk about Christmas celebrations. Yule is the name known for Christmas in Iceland. The national event is celebrated with great enthusiasm and a series of events including St. Thurlakur’s day, Christmas eve, Christmas day, boxing day, new year’s night and twelfth night.

6. Canada


You are a lucky person if you are in Canada at the time of Christmas. The majority of population is Christian hence Christmas becomes an official and national celebration. Everyone seems to be in a trance of happiness and joy of Christmas. Christmas dinners and desserts are of a great fame in Canada. In some provinces there is a big winter festival called Snick Tuck.

5. Germany


Germany has got its traditional and elegant ways of celebrating Christmas nationwide. The preparations officially start on 6th December. People set meet ups to bake cakes and cookies and decorating gifts. There is a tradition of hanging up advent wreaths of Holy with four red candles in the center. Also, catholic girls and boys dress up like kings, sing carols and gather money to donate for a noble cause.

4. Finland


Finland is the best place to look for the best and beautifully fashioned Christmas trees. Fruits, candies, paper flags, cotton balls and tinsel are used for decorating trees and lighting candles to make it shine. There is a celebration on national level since majority of population is from Christianity. Rovaniemi is the best place in Finland to celebrate Christmas where people from all around the world come to celebrate the special eve.

3. Spain


The streets of Spain become lightened at the eve of Christmas. There is a trend of lighting dim lamps after Christmas dinner. People go out for enjoying music and dance. In Spain, Christmas is a deeply religious festival. They respect the occasion regarding history of Virgin Mary.

No better celebrations can be seen anywhere as in Barcelona. Canons are fired, fireworks are set off and parade through the streets is marvelous.

2. USA


In USA, the celebrations of Christmas are spectacular and one can never forget an experience of celebrating Christmas in USA. It is a nationwide celebration and people look excited and cheerful to do craziest things every year. One unique point is that Santa Clause was born in USA, so it makes the occasion more precious for the people of USA. New York City’s celebrations are phenomenal every passing year. Here celebrations take place in a stylish and modern fashion with music and people falling on the dance floors.

1. England


England tops the list of the countries celebrating Christmas nationally and marvelously because of its special events and traditions. Arts, literature and music are the heritage of the people of England which also affect the celebration of Christmas. One of the unique customs is murmuring in which people put on masks and plays Christmas plays and stories. Father Christmas is the name given to a man presenting gifts all around.