10 Perfect Destinations To Celebrate In 2015

7. new orleans

Coming to an end, the year 2014 says good bye and handovers its spot to the brand new 2015. Every single soul, from all around the world is eager to celebrate the last night of the year in best possible fashion. Also, to welcome the new year warmly and heartily by expressing their utmost efforts to celebrate the eve of 31st December. A beautiful passion and amazement is felt in the air at this occasion. People actually make prior plans to celebrate the eve at best locations in any corner of the world.

Here is a guide to the perfect destinations that you can come up to revel the celebrations with friends or family.

Las Vegas

Bellagio Hotel opening fireworks. 10/18/98

Las Vegas, a name that itself appeals the partiers from all around the world to experience its erotic and amazing experiences. New Year’s night comes up with a flood of more than 300,000 revelers gathering to party hard, very hard. Las Vegas makes it happen that people go crazy in any way they want to. Never ending music, bright lights and splash of spraying champagne energize the spectators and spread a sensual impact in the air. Hakkasan becomes 2015’s special spot in Las Vegas, because of DJ Calvin Harris getting in to the hottest clubs in Las Vegas.



Germany shines with the amazing lights and astonishing fireworks in Berlin. Millions of revelers make it happen anyhow to reach the spot in order to celebrate the New Year’s night amazingly. Smashing fireworks bring energy to the eve and live music adds flavor to it. Crazy partiers go along with the rhythm and make moves accordingly. Charlotte burg Palace serves as number one choice of celebrators and those willing to break the dance floor go in a direction to Spreegallerie.



The celebrations in a fun filled city of lights that we call Sydney are simply breathtaking. More than a million people reach by annually to get crazy in the celebrations. Royal Botanic Gardens can make your eve more special and memorable. The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar and Blu Bar on 36 are best and appealing outlets for dining and drinking and fireworks at any cost can never be neglected. The choreographed lights along the Sydney Harbor are just one hell of an experience.

Los Angeles

4.los angeles

Who denies spending a night at Los Angeles for its high night life and what if it’s New Year’s night? That for sure puts cherry on the top. Yes the bright lights and roars of the music that does not allow you to listen anything else and make you move on the rhythm! The most exciting things featuring this New Year’s night includes digital video shows on walls of city hall, revolving food trucks and live music. If you want to have an indoor wild experience of dancing till the world ends, you must visit The Edison.



The late night life of ice land becomes heaven for the spectators who come to have a blast at New Year’s night. People make it up to the bars and do bonfires, camping and stuff. The explosive fireworks blazing over the city makes the streets sparkle and filled with brightness. The best renowned food outlets are Grillid and Slippbarrin with their special packages and menus for New Year’s Eve.

Hong Kong


Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor has been one of the pleasant destinations for New Year’s partiers. For its amazing pyrotechnic show following the ceremony of launching shoot stars, spectators from all around the world make Hong Kong their New Year’s spot. People make wishes and resolutions for the upcoming year and enjoy to a level best and up to the mark.

New Orleans

7. new orleans

In New Orleans, people are always found to be super excited for New Year’s celebration. The main destination is to be Jackson Square, where people go crazy and forget the world around while celebrating and enjoying. The best and amazing practice is to book a steamboat cruise and have a sparkling effect of fireworks over Mississippi River. Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar is best pub to have beverages of your choice.



The city of amazing and warm hearted people, yes talking about London. Their celebrations also depict the decent and full fledge way of their lifestyles. One unique feature is The New Year’s Day Parade in the streets of London. Victoria Embankment and south bank are one hell of celebration spots. Most of the spots and shows require passes or tickets so you need to do prior managements for some exclusive items.

New York

9.new york

New York is one renowned name that appears in almost all festivals from Halloween to Christmas and then New Year’s night. It takes not a second to decide New York as your destination to celebrate this fun-filled last eve of the year. World class performers, smashing fireworks, spraying champagne in the air and dancing along with the beats! How perfectly one can make the most of the night! There is an arrangement for passes to get into the grand festival and enjoy to the utmost extent until being dead of dancing.

Rio de Janeiro

10.rio de janeiro

Every year, more than two million spectators gather to enjoy the unique midpoint summer in Rio de Janeiro. Particularly, Copacabana is one beautiful place where New Year’s night is celebrated with all its colors including beach parties, amazing fireworks, live music and much more. That makes it one of the biggest venues to spend New Year ’s Eve. Different dress codes and color themes are being followed that include red, yellow and blue for passion, love and peace respectively.

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