10 Organizations That Offer Most Jobs In Dubai

10 Organizations That Offer Most Jobs In Dubai Good and bad times come on every nation and on every individual. Talking about Dubai, the most cosmopolitan city in the world, we have this idea that recent economic crisis have been uncontrollably destroying its economy. But the powerful name and reputation that Dubai has grabbed in the list of developed and metropolitan cities, is anyhow irresistible. It is still first option for many job seekers in accordance with their respective fields. Dubai is one of the most groomed emirates in UAE and there are many organizations providing job opportunities to local people as well as foreigners.

1. Dubai healthcare city companies:

1.dubai healthcare city companies

For all those looking for a job in medical field, here is a large number of opportunities for you. Dubai healthcare city is an initiative taken by Dubai Government in order to improve and maintain healthcare services in the city. It has a wide range of job opportunities from nursing to specialized surgeons. It evolves many hospitals and healthcare centers expanding the chances to get a job.

2. DHL:


DHL is itself a big name all over the world. It has taken millions of employees from all over the world to get attached with its name and provides extra ordinary facilities and job opportunities. If you are in Dubai or let’s be general, in UAE, the best job you can get in an organization is here in DHL.

3 .Dubai internet city companies

3.dubai internet city

Comprising of some big names like HP, Dell, Intel and Microsoft, DIC provides an amazingly great number of job opportunities to locals as well as job seekers from all around the world. Not only the number of employment matters when we talk about DIC but it has maintained its reputation and remains in struggle for getting renowned companies for their offices.

3. Dubai international financial center companies:

4.dubai international financial centre

DIFC is yet another platform playing a significant role in offering jobs for people throughout the world. In the field of banking and financial services industries, it is considered as the chief platform. if you desire to have a job in banking then you are warmly welcomed here.

4. Dubai media city companies:

5.dubai media city

Dubai media city is just another version of Dubai internet city. Although it is an entirely separate platform but some of its jobs are quite similar to that of DMC. It provides media related jobs and all of us are quite confident that media these days rule the world.

6. Dubai international Academic city:

6.dubai international academic city

First free zone provided by government for the sake of developing academic centers named as DIAC is renowned for its best services. A great number of students are registered in schools, colleges and universities opening more job availabilities. It is associated with Dubai knowledge village. Teachers, professors and lecturers from all over the world are welcomed along with local ones.

7. Zawya:


Zawya is a network providing its services on internet. It is associated with all those renowned companies eager to offer job opportunities and heir people who best meet their requirements. Zawya plays best role to make them meet.

8. Emirates transport:

8.emirates transport

Coming to a completely different sector, we have Emirates transports on the list of best job provider organizations. That is evident by people’s interest and desperation to get a job here. Being one of the largest and wealthiest airline networks, it also offers great jobs annually or monthly.

9. Bayt


The biggest internet job providing service BAYT is next on our list. BAYT is not confined to Dubai but it is a combined network within three biggest emirates including Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. It serves as a bridge between the job seekers and the companies.

10. Marriott:


Dubai is probably first choice of tourists from all around the world. So fascinating and remarkable beauties this city holds that one can never think of neglecting it for tourism. Resorts and hotels are generating their business best from tourism. Marriott is best hotel of Dubai in this regard. The more the name of a company, the more it provides job opportunities. So sharpen your management skills and get ready to have an experience in Marriott.